Whole 30: Week Two.

Whole 30: Week Two.

Welcome back to the end of the second week of whole 30! Everything was going easy peasy and then somewhere along the lines I started feeling burnt out. Burnt out of eating veggies all the time, of trying to force black coffee down, and all this money I've been spending on organic foods and ingredients.This [...]

Hair Day’s Made Easy.

When I was little girl, I had insanely long hair and hated when my mom would do my hair. It was always braided because there was really nothing else that would help from keeping it tangled. I grew up hating having my hair brushed because my mom didn't really make I a fun experience. This [...]

Seattle Day 4: The Pink Door – Celebrating My Dad’s 66th Birthday + Thoughts On Moving.

Seattle Day 4: The Pink Door – Celebrating My Dad’s 66th Birthday + Thoughts On Moving.

Goodbye's tend to suck. The last day here has been nothing but great, we didn't get up extremely early again, we kinda just lounged around in the morning and then around 10:30 am headed to downtown to Moore Coffee Shop. I've been wanting to go there because their coffee decorations are just so cute and [...]

Scorch Lips!

Hi lovelies! I wanted to share an amazing product that I think you all will just love and some exciting news! I'm so honored to be able to be an ambassador for Scorch Make up (@scorch_makeup)! I'm a huge lippie lover, anything from gloss to liquid lips just give to me because it's my jam. [...]


Wellness Wednesday where have you been all my life! I've been a little disconnected but there's just been so much going on this month.  Mainly with my personal life, some exciting things are happening as you know, but still working on that balance over here. Anyway, today I wanted to touch on choices. I've been [...]

Word of the day.

Hey there! So glad you're able to join me for another wellness Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to share this idea I've been having called 'word of the day.' Oh and just side note, I have never done this before. So we'll be going on this journey together! I've been going through several ups and downs [...]

Let’s Flamingle!

Let’s Flamingle!

Hello hello! Happy Sunday loves! Just dropping by to share about the amazing event I attended yesterday evening, along with three reasons why if you're a blogger (or thinking about starting a blog) you must attend these networking events! Taylor, the lovely mastermind and creator of CABE, hosted this event over in La Jolla at [...]

Crazy For noosa!

Hey friends! Super excited about today's post because it involves something I'm irrevocably in love with! And that is noosa! For those of you who have no idea as to what noosa is, let me just change your life. Noosa is the richest, creamy, melts in your mouth, type of yogurt. A bit of history: [...]


Hey you, welcome back to another wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to get a little more personal and chat about my diet/health along with energy. Where does my energy stem from, where do I focus that energy, and over all how to I keep it up. I haven't been on the healthiest kick for such [...]

Lemon Social Blogger Bazaar

Hey there friends! Happy Monday! Back to the grind we go... I just wanted to chat about the Lemon Social Blogger Bazaar event yesterday. I had such an amazing time with my lovely gals from the @sandiegobloggerbabes community, and had the chance to see some great familiar faces. I love attending blogger events, because you [...]