FUNbelievable: is it actually fun?

My fellow mom’s, I know the struggle of how unappealing going to kid’s playgrounds can be at times. All you hear are screaming kids; whether they’re yelling or crying, or both. Going as a kid was fun, not so much as an adult. That however, depends on where you go. If you’re a big kid at heart like me and have just been bored out of your mid with some playgrounds, I am here to change that for you. I wanted to share with you guys a place that my daughter Leya and I just love (more so Leya). Trust me, after you’re done reading this and don’t happen to be a parent, you’re maybe going to want to grab your niece, nephew, or just find a kid to get her

What is FUNbelievable?

If you’re a parent and haven’t been to FUNbelievable, I’m here to tell you that yes, this place does exist,  it is called FUNbelievable, and it yes it’s actually fun!

This place is just heaven for kids. Once you get inside there are three sections for the little ones to play in. Walking in to your right you will find a place to put your shoes in, and just make your sure bring socks because that is mandatory to enter the playground. Once you take your shoes off , you will see three sections.  The first thing that will catch your eye will be the three tier, mega play structure. Inside your kiddo can  play on one of three super slides, zip across their aerial glides, climb the rock walls, or dive into the mini ball pool.  Right behind that there’s a “sports arena” where they can play soccer, basketball, or just bounce around balls in all different colors and sizes.

If you have a smaller baby, don’t worry! There’s something here for your baby also. There’s a small area dedicated to smaller baby’s and toddlers that is full of soft play toys and games. You will also find a mini ball pool, a baby ‘tummy time’ circle, mini slides and lots more.

Is it worth it?

June 30, 2017. Pajama Contest. Staff asking the kids why they chose to wear the pajama’s they had on.

Heck yes! One, which I actually think it’s the best part of this place, is that you can comfortably do the activities with your kids. Everything here is parent friendly.  Another great thing here is the price, you only pay for your kids-parents are free! Click on the this admissions link to see full in-detail prices.

They also always have different fun promotions going on so make sure you sign up for the newsletters. On Friday June 30th, they had a Pajama Party to celebrate that summer is finally here. From 5-8 pm they provided free popcorn and juice for the kids, had a family movie going on their jumbo screen and had games and prizes. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much fun Leya had.


Leya’s POV

February 4, 2017. Leya’s first time at FUNbelieveable

My daughter is literally obsessed with YouTube kids. I would often catch her watching kids at parks similar to FUNbelieveable. Leya is two years old, but she would continuously ask me to take her to those places she would see kids in YouTube kids playing. With a little research, this place came up and honestly guys, I’m so glad that I found this place. When her dad and I initially took her, we told her we had a “surprise” for her. We knew that this would literally blow her socks off. You guys have no idea.  To her, till’ this day, FUNbelievable is “surprise,” which I have to agree with. This place is  truly a little surprise gem in Lakeside, CA. You seriously can’t miss it! Go, take your kid(s) and thank me later.






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