Foodie comes out to the world.

Being able to finally expose my inner foodie just makes me so happy. A few days ago, I took a mini vacation to Universal Studios, and I must admit that I was excited about going back to the park after so many years, but honestly I was slightly more excited about finding new delicious places to eat. What better place than L.A. to be on the hunt for some yummy goodness, right? Well, here’s what I fell in love with.

Blue Jam Café– This place is amazing. There are several plus’ in my book to this place. One being the food of course, the location, and it serves breakfast all day. This was my second time going to this place and I just love it.  I love the vibe and I love the serivice. The first time here I had the Chilaquiles and I was very pleasantly surprised. I come from a Mexican background, so I set the bar pretty high when I order Mexican food. The first thing that got my attention was that they make their own tortilla chips from scratch, second, they came with chicken and scrambled eggs… thank god! I can’t ever make up my mind as to which one to add so the fact that they came with both was a winner in my book. Third, the sauce, which is probably the most important ingredient to me, was a red chipotle sauce that was very tasty, not too spicy, and I liked that there was enough sauce that coated all the food. Nothing bothers me more than not enough sauce. Am I right? I know I’m not the only one.

This time around, I ordered the bacon grilled cheese. Anything with cheese and bacon, I want. Here’s what drew me in: chevre goat cheese. I’d never  heard or had this goat cheese ’till this day and I’m glad that it was here.  This sandwich was so incredibly good, all the cheeses worked together, oozing out as I bit in to it.   The bacon was perfectly cooked, and the side that it came with was different, but just as delicious. For the side they gave you two options: green salad or the grilled potatoes.  Of course I chose the potatoes. I’m actually so glad that I did because they were tossed with rosemary and parsley. I mean, if my stomach could of handled eating two I probably would of. It was that good.
PS: Be sure to try their iced coffee’s too. Trust me and thank me later.


Milk Bar – Where do I even begin? Let’s see…this is the place where milk and cookies got frisky and made all of your wildest dreams come true. When you walk in, you’ll see a glass stand to your left that stores all sorts of creative flavored ice cream pops and macaroon ice cream sandwiches. That’s right, you read right, macaroon ice cream sandwiches! Right next to that they had another glass container with several unique ice cream flavors, and if you loop around they had another glass container with baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and bread pudding. Oh, and they also make teas and coffee.  *Dropped the mich.*

I had to control myself for a sec because I legit just wanted to buy one of everything. I had to really analyze what I wanted to try most. I decided to get the red velvet macaroon ice cream sandwich and the chocolate chip bread pudding because I’m just a sucker for bread like that. I was with my two best friends who got some pretty delish treats as well. This place is a one stop shop guys. They literally have anything your sweet tooth might be craving.  Describing words will not make these treats justice, so I’ll let you indulge in the pics below.

DSC00308 DSC00306





Voodooh Donuts– Trying these donuts was what I think going to heaven would be like. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just a natural bread lover at heart or if I was just so excited to actually go to their little shop, but  either way, these donuts filled my day with so much happiness.

These donuts are so scrumptious and so delicious that you can’t just have one. I’m telling you it’s impossible.  They are so fluffy and airy they just melt in your mouth. Not only is the taste amazing but their creativity with these donuts is out of this world. I loved everything about this place, even their merchandise was so stinken’ cute. The two flavors I got were Neapolitan (right) and chocolate coconut (left).  My only wish now is that they open a shop in San Diego. Take a look and see how the magic in the hole stole my heart.






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