Sisterhood of Traveling Jeans

Do you guys remember the books and movies about the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants? They were my favorite book series to read growing up. What I loved most about the books was the connection this group of friends had with this one pair of jeans and how those jeans brought them comfort when they were not with each other. Which is actually what inspired me to write this post.

All my life I’ve pretty much struggled to find the perfect jeans. Over the past few years my body has changed dramatically. I’ve gained a few pounds ever since having Leya and honestly this is no longer baby weight but dead lazy weight. Although I am working on getting back in shape,  I can’t just live on wearing leggings (believe me, I tried). Ya’ girl needs some jeans in her life!

I was never into buying really expensive jeans; True Religions, Guess, Levis, etc. I personally just don’t see the point in spending so much money for the brand name.  I remember when I was 16 and I was dying over Hollister jeans because at the time they were the cool thing to wear.  When I finally  decided to go and splurge, I remember I spent $60 dollars on those jeans! I seriously wore them every day for like a month straight. I was determined to get my money’s worth and look cool at the same time. 

I’ve always been a bargain shopper at heart. I love finding fashionable brand clothes at an affordable price. Doesn’t that just make you smile?! Even if it’s not a known brand, if it’s cute, fits my style, and is reasonably priced, I’ll take it! My favorite place to shop is… drum roll please…Ross! Ross not only has trendy styles but they also sell some of the best jeans! Ever since I purchased a few of their jeans a few months ago, I haven’t looked anywhere else. And, to be completely honest, no where else had I found jeans that I was truly happy with.

Because I’m so genuinely in love with these jeans, I want to share them with the you! In hopes that they bring you comfort and a little spice to your wardrobe. Here are a few of their brands that are my absolute fave:

*All jeans are size 13 and style mid rise*

DSC00763Encore– I seriously feel like this brand was made exclusively for me. This brand is comfortable, durable, it hugs me in all the right places, it hides everything I want it to, and they’re super trendy. They have rips all over them and are skinny, or stop right at the ankle just like I love.

DSC00762VIP Jeans–  These are my interpretation of boyfriend jeans because this particular brand doesn’t have one exact size. For example, their sizing will say 7/8. It’s not a an exact size 7 or 8 but a little bit of both.  Since I’m a size 13, in their jeans I will buy 13/14. At first, I had a mini melt down because no woman ever wants to see much less wear a size higher than what you really are and have them fit comfortably good! But, at the end of the day I just want to be comfortable and these fit a little lose and baggy but I’m ok with that. They’re so comfortable and add such a laid back casual vibe. Great to pair with a t-shirt and flip flops.

20170901_171959.jpgWax Jeans Los Angeles- Super random name, I know, but they are some kick ass quality. They’re very stretchy but they hug your bum bum so good and  again, I just love how trendy they are with the rips. They will just pull any outfit together. These jeans are also very well made, you can just feel it on the material. They’re pretty sturdy and will last such a long time, so if you see this brand, don’t miss on checking it out!

Oh and one last thing, all of these jeans are priced under $20! Yup, you read right, under $20 bucks! Next time you’re at Ross, don’t forget to check out their jean/pants racks, there’s amazing gems in there!

XO, Guadalupe 



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