Welcoming Fall with Kimonos

You guys, I can’t believe that fall is right around the corner! I’m so excited because fall is by far my favorite season. I’m all about the boots and cardigans and salted caramel mocha’s at Starbucks! #yass.

One of my slight obsessions this summer was kimonos. I love how casual these pieces can be, but that you can also dress them up to a more sophisticated put together look. I knew that once summer was over I’d have to start pulling out all my warm clothes but, let’s get real, is it ever really “winter” in San Diego?

That got me thinking of how I can keep incorporating my kimonos throughout the rest of the year. I’ve gotten kimonos from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Tilly’s etc. This year though, Forever 21 got me, and got me good! All of the ones I’ll be talking about are from them.  Here’s just a few ideas of how I’ll be styling my kimonos for fall. 

DSC00884I love this Kimono because of the color and print. I’m pretty much obsessed with anything floral and in neutral colors. Give me nude, pale, poopy colors all day errday! This mossy green kimono is perfect to wear with a little black dress and some booties(maybe even some knee high) or with jeans and a body suit, which is what I did. So comfortable and pretty darn stylish! (Similar one here)

This next one if hands down my favorite! This black and yellow velvety kimono is everything for me. First of, I love the material of it. I’m diggin’ the velvet trend and I feel like this is one that you can dress up and it look very nice. Whether it’s with jeans, or a dress, you could even wear a nice long sleeve under as well, or even pair it with nice black leggins and some boots, this kimono will dress any outfit up or down. Second, I love that it’s roughly about quarter length and it’s great to throw on for a semi chilly evening night out. (Similar velvet one here)


This last one gives me total princess vibes. I think it’s because of its length, which is why I… you guessed it, LOVE it! I  know I may sound like a broken record but these are pieces that I’ve truly enjoyed having and wearing.

This Kimono is very boho/hippiesk which is one of the main reasons I was attracted to it. I love the bell sleeves and the pops of color is has. It’s such an airy and comfortable piece to wear and that pairs so good with anything. I’m talking tank tops, body suits, ooh even with a pair of denim shorts a just a plain white V-neck- super cute!

Kimonos were a pretty big trend in my closet this summer, but I’m personally not ready to say goodbye to them for fall time.  I will keep trying to incorporate them here and there through the rest of the year. You guys will know, because I’ll be exposing it all over the gram. 🙂

Xo, Guadalupe ♥


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