Kensington Café & Sunsets in Coronado

Ending the weekend doing the things I love with the people I love most gives me such a satisfactory feeling . Grabbing breakfast and going out to local cafe’s are my weakness.

In a recent Instagram post, I had mentioned that this week was rough and I was certainly not kidding. Leya and I are still trying to fully get over this cold and I’ve work has just had my mood in all sorts of ups and downs. The only great thing is that Leya is loving school and she’s been doing so great!


Seasonal Waffles- coconut & banana.


I created highlights of the week because I wanted to highlight special moments in my life. Share with you all places I tried and loved or just things I did that made me happy.  This weekend, I tried a café that I’ve  been dying to go to –  Kensington Café.  I didn’t stop by to review it, I just went because I’d been dying to just have a delicious enjoyable breakfast.  But, if you’re wondering on whether or not you should check it out, yes you totes should!

Today, we pretty much slouched around for the first part of the day. As 4 o’clock rolled around, I figured that an iced coffee and park date was much needed. Leya has been sick from all different types of angles recently and going to the park always cheers her up.  We decided to take a nice evening stroll around one of my favorite gems in San Diego, Coronado Island.  Going to Coronado is another thing that makes me feel so good. It’s like traveling to a different world. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. There’s just such a relaxing feeling about Coronado to me, so any opportunity I have to go, I take it.  🙂

We made a quick stop at the cutest hole in the wall coffee shop and I fueled up on an iced Mexican mocha and Leya on a strawberry/banana/blueberry smoothie. Tonight was the true definition of a perfect Sunday and end to the weekend.

Xo, Guadalupe ♥ 








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