I’m an Introvert & Filipino Feast

Hey ya’ll! So this week in the office we had a group activity with my small department that helped determine the type of personalities we have and how those either help us work great together or can help us understand and possibly solve any tension.


What made this excerise so great was that they linked our personalities to a character from Star Wars and fun fact about me, I love Star Wars! Our team’s personalities were pretty accurate and believe it or not, our personalities don’t really clash because we actually have some similarities. Plus, we can just talk about anything because you know that’s what grown people do, they communicate (semi sarcastic voice lol ).

But, besides that, turns out I’m an introvert. Surprise surprise? Um, no not really lol. I actually never knew that this was the proper definition of my personality. I always thought something was wrong with me or maybe I was going through a phase growing up. Now that I’m much older it makes total and complete sense and it really makes me embrace who I am so much more. #introvertsrule!

IMG_20170921_202834_386Thursday (9/21) evening, my co-worker/ good friend Allison, turned 28 years young and what better way to bring in 28 than with a humungous Filipino feast! She decided to host a dinner at Villa Manila in National City, where we dove in to tons of delicious seafood, chicken, rice, pancit, and 500 other things.  The darn stove was probably somewhere in there too and we ate it without even realizing it lol.

IMG_20170921_194532_351Eating here was such a unique experience, mainly because I’ve never had Filipino food before and wait for it…you ate with your hands! That’s right folks, no silver wear was provided. I mean, you could ask for it, but according to Allison it’s essentially meant to be eaten with your hands. I’m all for keepin’ it cultural so your girl ate with her hands.

Surprisingly, some of the dishes had similar taste to Mexican dishes I’ve had before, so win win there.  That also helped cut the slight fear I felt when I saw all this random food being dumped on the table.  It was a great night, definitely recommend you guys check it out.

Xo, Guadalupe ♥





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