Highlight of the Week: Adams Ave Street Fair.

Hey friends! I hope you guys are having better luck prepping for the upcoming week, because I’m certainly not mentally ready. Don’t the weekends seem to just fly by?! I’m tellin’ you, Monday’s need to be a mandatory day off too.

Well, this weekend, consisted of more cleaning, washing, and a trip to the Adams Street fair. If you’re a local, you’ve probably heard or been to the area. This weekend a huge street fair invaded 4-5 blocks of Adam’s Ave with tons of live music, delicious food, clothing booths, and all sort of little knick-knacks.  In order to do all this walking, I needed to make sure I was well hydrated, my first purchase consisted of a delicious pineapple agua fresca. I swear whenever there’s a street fair, you will find the best drinks and the best food!


Speaking of food, trying food from different cultures is always crossing my mind, but I always get intimidated because I never know what to order or if I’m even going to like it and then it’s pretty much money down the drain. Well this time I said screw it and I went for it.

I hear great things about African food  and Indian food, but again what do you order?  I approached a booth called Flavors of East Africa that was well known for their jerk chicken. The line was pretty long and it just kept coming, and the food looked amazing.  When it was finally my turn to order, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but you better believe I walked away happy and very satisfied.

(Food ordered: Sweet jerk chicken with yellow curry rice topped with greens.)img_20170930_160807_138.jpg

Of course, they also took my money on buying little things here and there, for example these cute little shirts for Leya. I must say, our shirt swag has been going up, but I’m not mad at it! I love when I have the opportunity to match her with what I’m wearing. After all she is my little mini me (some say).  Saturday well spent- check!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥



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