Quick n’ Easy Make Up For Mom’s on The Go


Crazy hair, dark circles, and exhaustion are permanent residents in my life thanks to this little cuddle buddy of mine. Life as a mother has it’s ways of hitting you hard at times. That’s why essentials are needed. As mom, certain products are a must in my everyday life. For me, it’s definitely coffee and concealer.

No matter how hard I try I think I will just never be a morning person. Mornings have always been rough, but ever since becoming a mom and Leya starting school, they’re a little more tiring and a bit chaotic. It doesn’t  matter how “prepared” I am there’s always something bound to happen in the morning lol.

Even though I’d love to tackle life with a bare face, wearing a robe and leggings everyday, I think that’s when the essentials need to come out and play. Some days sleep gets the best of me and I end up rushing to get ready. These 7-8 products have helped me look a little more put together. I’m not gonna lie, some days, I don’t even have time to do my make up routine at home, but that’s why I have also mastered this routine in the car, and trust me it only takes about 5 minutes!


The most time consuming part for me has always been brows. I wasn’t blessed with full, thick brows, so I have to work with what I have and fill those babies in. Mama is light weight bald in the brow area. My favorite product is the Brow Stylist Shape and Fill by L’Oréal. A few blog posts ago, I posted that my favorite was the  Brow Stylist Definer which is pretty much the same thing, except the tip applicator to shape and fill is way better and faster! Which is exactly what I need. Anything that will make my life easier and help me get ready faster, I want!

After that, I will prime my face with the Soap and Glory, One Heck of a Blot mattifying primer. Shortly after, I will begin by applying my favorite BB cream by Covergirl, Clean Matte.  The great thing about BB creams  is that they are very light weight but still get the job done in a very natural way. Moving on to concealer…wait, but before that can we just have a moment a silence for concealer and all it’s greatness? Seriously thank you God for concealer, amen! 🙂 For every day, I use the Maybeline Fit me concealer in the shade medium moyen. Seriously the best! To kill two birds with one stone, I will use the Tarte Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation to set under my eyes and the rest of my face. Lastly, I will add a little bit blush and a few coats of mascara. My current go-to blush is by The Balm Cosmetics, called In Full Swing. They kill me with their packaging!

To end the look, I always try to add a little lip gloss maybe even a lipstick depending on how much time I have to decide which one I want to use. But 99% of the time it will be the Sweet Peach Cream Oil Lip Gloss by Too Faced. The perfect sheer to the lips and it smells amazing! Oh and don’t forget to lock it in with setting spray!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥












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