New York Day 1

Greetings from New Yawk!  Welcome to the very first diary entry of my travel series! As I continue to get older, I realize that I’m growing a huge thirst to travel the world. So many things in my life have been changing from career plans, to priorities and interests.

I’ve been spending more time with my dad over the past few weeks and I really love our bond and our conversations. We had fallen off our relationship for a while but I’m glad that our past dinner dates have managed to slowly make up for the lost time. We talk about our goals, our dreams, our passions, and about his olden days. My dad had the privilege of traveling a lot when he was young, and I love hearing his stories of all the places he’s been to and all the cultures he’s managed to soak up over the years.

Coming to New York as an early birthday celebration was a conversation my family and  I had a few months ago but didn’t really think much of it.  So many things have been going wrong for our family and me personally over the lapse of the past few weeks and recently while having dinner we all agreed that with so much happening in our lives, it truly was the perfect time to take a gamble and just go somewhere new, so here we are! You guys, I am in New  York! Ahhhh! 🙂

Since we made final call on our decision to come here I knew I wanted to create a travel series in my blog. I want to share my traveling experiences along with a few tips, the places we munched on, the iconic places we visited, and also include a bit of fashion in the mix.  Hopefully you guys find this helpful if you ever consider coming to visit and enjoy coming along on this trip with me!


We purchased our tickets on Expedia for United Airlines and they were insanely cheap! Like $283 round trip cheap! We’re honestly still light weight shocked. So be sure to check Expedia for affordable round trip prices. We did have to layover in Washington, and will also be doing layover in Chicago on the way back, but we don’t mind. We actually think it’s kinda fun!



We’re saying at the Park Central Hotel and are in LOVE!  The hotel is close to Central Park of course, but it’s surrounded by tons of shops, actual stores like Forever 21 and H&M, and it’s a few blocks from Times Square. That being said, there you have tip numero dos, we used for our hotel and got a pretty decent price for 5 nights.



Gosh, if I thought the traffic on the 805 back home was bad… girl. No. The traffic here is insane! We landed at around 10ish and it took about an hour and half to get to our hotel and it was pretty close to the La Guardia Airport.  Our room was not available for check in until around 2 ish so we decided to just walk down to Times Square for a bite to eat. We actually didn’t try anything special tonight, just had Red Lobster since we were starvin’ and didn’t have the patience to look for a place. Tomorrow though, stay tuned!


Travel Outfit:

I knew this flight was gonna be a long one so comfy clothes were not even a question. Leggings and I are one point blank period. #thankgodforleggings! I paired them with this super comfy boyfriend tee from Adidas and my Adidas Tubulars. The coat was actually such a score from Forever 21, I got it for only $18 bucks. Unfortunately i was not able to find the exact same one but I added a few that I think are not only super cute but would be good for the NY insane cold weather. Shop the look below!



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