New York Day 2

Today has been such an exciting, fun filled, long walking, chilly day! New York, is just so full of adventure and… I love it! So it’s definitely cold and it’s definitely fast-paced here. New Yorkers don’t play. It’s day two and I still can’t believe we’re actually here. This is a place that I feel is such a dream, being that I’m a San Diego girl and looking at this city on the other end of the map it’s just crazy to me that we are here!

But ok, enough rambling on me being in unbelievable shock. Let’s dive in to what took place today.  For starters, the jetlag hit us real, like we didn’t wake up till’ 10 am real. We had planned to be up at 7:30 am and when the alarm went off we just snoozed it without hesitation. In our defense back home it was like 4 am, so it’s justifiable, right?

Once we we’re up and headed out, we decided to swing by to the Park Central Café across the street, the concierge mentioned that they had great traditional breakfast and we were starving (yet again), so we crossed the street and enjoyed a few orders of pancakes along with scrambles, and home fries. Pretty delish!


We decided that we needed a bit of structure for our days, even though we had several places in mind and created a list of where we wanted to go, we still needed to pay for transportation or figure out a way to get to there and out here it ain’t cheap okurrr. Outside our hotel there was a few tour guides promoting a bus tour around Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, pretty much covering the most touristy areas, plus a free entry to two museums, a comedy club, an attraction, and a ferry ride for $89!  Yeah girl, you best believe we did some negotiating but well worth it for such a great deal.

The bus tour we did today covered midtown west and uptown, so we got to see the street where John Lennon got shot, Central Park,  Columbus Circle, Columbia University, the  huge Cathedral of St. John The Divine, and unique highlights in Harlem. What really makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside is that these are places you see on TV and you dream about going to or seeing,  for example, Apollo Theatre in Harlem, I can’t believe it got to see it with my own two eyes today. So surreal!

We circled back around towards our hotel and decided to get off by the Plaza Hotel. Ok, you guys… that almost made me cry. The Plaza Hotel is famous for… that’s right, Home Alone! I can’t believe that we got to walk in and just experience it today. That was so amazing and unbelievable, someone pinch me!20171109_215415.png

After, we soaked up The Plaza Hotel, we decided to walk down 5th Ave, another huge highlight of New York. We got to see all the luxury stores, like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Blvgari and Dolce and Gabbana. Our main destination was the Rockefeller. Our goal was to go up top, but we are saving that amazing view for the morning. 😉 Instead, we roamed around there and saw the ice skating rink and had to make a stop in one of my all time favorite stores- Kate Spade! I had to bring a little New York souvenir from my fave brand.



screenshot_20171109-212854.jpgFor dinner, well my momma needed her Mexican fix. Guys, we’ve been here for one darn stinken’ day and the woman needs her frijoles lol. But hey, who am I kiddin’ Mexican food is good any day, so since we’re here and we we’re in the mood for Mexican, why not… drum roll please… Hell’s Kitchen. We made our way to 9th Ave and dove right in. I will honestly just say this, my mom complimented the guacamole. She not only complimented it, she couldn’t stop eating it or talking about it. For my mother to say she LOVED the food at a Mexican food place, damn.  The food and drinks were just out of this world good! Ladies and gents, if you make your way to NYC, make reservations at Hell’s Kitchen and thank me later.




Lastly, decided to wrap up the night some authentic NY cheesecake and coffee.  Tomorrow, we will be heading in to Central Park to actually walk through it and also stopping by Museum Lane.  The weather is supposed to be a little colder tomorrow and possibly rain but we are still pretty excited. Second day was a complete success. Leya has been loving it here and so have we. I am so fortunate to be able to travel and discover such an fantastic city with my loved ones. Stay tuned for Day 3!



Outfit deets here!:

My leather jacket I purchased at Marshall’s and it’s by the brand Jolt. It has studded stars and I couldn’t find the exact one but found some amazing similar ones at Forever 21 that are super affordable. The sweater I’m wearing I also purchased at Marshall’s but found really cute similar ones as well. 🙂




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