New York Day 3

We pretty much froze our nips off today. Today was by far one of the coldest days here in New York and man, we really couldn’t handle it. For starters we went to a really awesome comic book based diner called Mom’s Kitchen and Bar.  This is a relatively new place on 9th Ave, but it already has great reviews and it’s rapidly growing popularity over it’s crazy creative shakes and comic book named dishes.  Definitely a good place to start the day!



To be completely honest it was a semi fail today… so, let me fill you guys in… the plan for today was to go to down to Museum Lane  go to a few museums and walk through Central Park since we only go to drive past it yesterday, BUT my dad was so adamant to go to the Statue of Liberty, even after the tour guide fellas that sold us the tickets yesterday clearly stated not to go today as it was going to be one of the coldest days of the week. You guys it is currently 26° out side and we were all the way in Tribeca, which is a few feet away from the Hudson River. When I say it was cold outside, I’m talking about the wind slowly paralyzing your body and stopping the blood flow. Now I can totally see why New Yorkers walk so fast, especially during this time of the year. They’re out there moving so they don’t freeze to death!

Since we were already on that side of town, we decided to still head over to the to World Tarde Center, but first- coffee! We decided to grab some quick mochas and pastry to give us the much needed warmth boost.  We fueled up at a cute coffee shop called Aroma Espresso Bar. What made these mocha’s so special was that the small chocolate pieces they put at the bottom to actually create the mocha latte. Once the served it to you, you had to stir it to essentially make your mocha. They had such a special taste that truly made them unique!


Once we actually made it over to the 911 Memorial Museum, we honestly were just speechless. It’s such an experience to be right where such a huge tragedy happened. Where so many people lost their lives over heartless individuals. It was such an eye opening experience that really made me appreciate my family so much more. No matter what happens in your life, the only people who truly care, who love unconditionally, who will never turn their back on you is family, and I am so blessed and fortunate to have been able to experience such a heartwarming monument with mine.


Westfield World Trade Center Mall



Ps: Last year they opened up a Westfield shopping center, and it’s quite unique inside. It’s a mall that also has access to the subway that connects to Jersey. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Once we were about done at the memorial, we grabbed an uber and headed over to Little Italy for some much needed pizza. What’s coming to New York and not grabbing some pizza? We’d heard nothing but great thing about Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza and I must say it did not disappoint. We ordered two small pies, one was margherita with pepperoni, and the other was a white pizza with italian sausage, that was by far my fave! Oh and can’t forget the breadsticks fresh out the oven, so so good!

On their menu they had a clam pie, and well, my dad felt a little adventurous and decided to order it as well. It was different for sure but it was pretty darn tasty! My mom approved! lol This is the third place we go to that she very happily approves. #mariaapproves! So if you’re feeling adventurous… #clampieitup!




We decided to end the day a bit early today as we plan to be up bright and early tomorrow since we still have to tackle huge iconic spots. Ahh can’t wait! We will not be letting my dad take over tomorrow that’s for sure! lol We really have to make the most out of our last days here.  Be sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 4! 🙂


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Xo, Guadalupe ♥

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