5 Absolute Must Shopping Stores For The Holidays.

Doesn’t it seem that during the holiday’s money goes faster than it comes? Every year, I’m always scrounging places last minute to go shop to where not only I can shop affordably for my entire family, but also find things that they genuinely like.

Every single person in my family has a different taste, which had always made me jump from store to store to find something for each person.  So for today’s post, I wanted to remind you that at these places you will not only find affordable things but there’s something for every person on your list. Let’s get to it!

  • Old Navy- I have shopped at Old Navy as kid with my parents but honestly it had been a hot minute of me not being back. A few months ago I was having a conversation with  a friend of mine (shout out to April)  who told me I absolutely had to check them out for toddler clothing. She said that not only they had the cutest pieces for kids but it was all super affordable.  Well I recently went back and loaded up on stuff for Leya for our trip to New York (If you haven’t checked the series, you totes should! It’s under Travel Diaries) and you guys,  they have tons and tons of cute and trendy toddler and bay clothes that I know you’ll love! They also have several kid shoes to choose from, especially the boots right now for the winter season. They have seriously stepped up their game from what I remember as kid. While I was in New York, I recently purchased windbreaker vest in this mustardy/olivey color for $15! It’s such a good material and so cozy. They also have a bunch of great pajamas! Right now is the time to go and check them out in stores or online as they have a lot o good deals going on!Screenshot_20171124-134912.jpgScreenshot_20171124-101152.jpg
  • Amazon- I became a prime member at one point because I just wanted expedite shipping and got rid of it because I just want using it enough. Well my friends, I am officially back to being a prime member because I discovered they sell fashion items, meaning clothing, purses, shoes, pretty much everything! I have been OBSESSED with browsing through Amazon! I haven’t officially purchased anything because let’s be real, I’m still waiting for payday but I will link some of the things that are currently in my cart and plan on purchasing. PS: If you become a prime member you can get your purchases expedited, just be sure they say ‘prime.’
  • TJ MAXX- I know we all love TJ MAXX, so I won’t ramble for too long but here’s a tip in case you didn’t know… they have so many amazing high end beauty products! I recently went and purchased a few beauty products that I was not expecting to find there. For example, the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap that is an amazing cleanser (I get mine for oily skin) and I also purchased three Bite Beauty Bullet Lipsticks for a third of the price they’re normally at Sephora. I also noticed they have tons of toners by the brand Herbivore for about $6.99! You guys these toners a Sephora retail for $32 and up! Like, what?! They have several make up removing wipes that are also pretty good, and they have tons of little knick-knacks that would be great stocking stuffers, such as beauty blenders, mini manicure sets, make up brush kits, girl they got it all. Don’t sleep on their beauty section! #okurr.
  • Screenshot_20171124-140308.jpg
  • Marshalls- If you’re a San Diego local, let me tell you that I love the Marshalls in Mission Valley. I just feel like they never don’t have something I don’t like. Seriously like half of my wardrobe is from there and I am not ashamed.  I love this place! What I love the most about this location, is their shoe area. I feel like it’s the most organized and they always have a pair of shoes I end up walking out with. For example, they recently starting incorporating UGG boots, girl yes! They’re at least $30-$40 doll hairs cheaper than at the mall. I recently purchased my brown leather UGG’s from there that I took to NY I just love them! Another great find were these Kate Spade slide on shoes! You guys know that I love Kate Spade, so when I saw these here for only $70 dollars, I had to get them! Marshalls has a really great variety of affordable and high end clothing items. You will really find gems in there if you just take the time to patiently look. 🙂 Screenshot_20171124-140146.jpg
  • Screenshot_20171124-134323.jpg
  • JC Penny- When was the last time you shopped at JC Penny? Trust me girl I feel it because it has been a hot minute for me too. My family and I used to be faithful JC Penny black Friday and non black Friday shoppers but I feel like it kind of became one of those stores that fell off for us or we just slowly forgot about, especially for us being a younger generation. We’re always stuck in the same places, like H&M, Forever 21, not that there’s anything wrong with these places but sometimes they are not the most family friendly, especially when it comes to gifting parents, in laws, grandparents, you know? Well right now they are doing a pre- black Friday sale online and they have amazing deals on sports wear, sleep ware, luggage, toys, boots, office supplies, literally everything. This is really a one stop shop, you will find something for someone here, I guarantee it!

For black Friday, I did mostly shopping at Nordstrom but online, however here are some things I have on my wish list for Christmas, plus things I will be shopping for my family from all of the stores I mentioned above.

PS: What are your favorite places to shop at for the holidays?

Xo, Guadalupe ♥

Old Navy Wish List:

TJ MAXX Wish List/Beauty Products:

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