Vol 1: Studding It Up A Notch.

I think we all can agree that comfy clothes are life. I swear you guys, if I could live my life in leggings and a robe I probably would. #noshame. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and getting dolled up from time to time, but some days are just meant for jeans and t-shirt. Don’t you agree? However, from time to time I enjoy being #extraAF and am always thinking of how I can take an ordinary outfit like jeans and a t-shirt to the next level and still be comfortable. The answer is, drum roll please… a leather jacket! 2017 was the year I think I went a little kookoo for leather jackets, but I’m not mad at it. #noregrets.

This studded leather jacket screams I’m in a biker gang and I’m a bad bish so get out of my way lol. It’s my favorite jacket because it really is the perfect piece to bring your outfit up a notch, but still comfortable enough run around to do errands in and look pretty darn stylish. It’s a great fashion piece that you can always dress up or down, which makes me love it even more! Versatile fashion pieces are the best because it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll wear it more often, which means you’re getting your money’s worth! And come on, who doesn’t want that?😉

I purchased mine at Forever 21. The material is amazing! It’s very well made and sturdy. The studs are also attached on pretty good. I looked for the life of me on their website, but they must be sold out of this particular one since I wasn’t able to find it. But no worries girlfriend, I got you. I was able to find very cute similar ones and linked them below.

So you guys, I really wanna know, are you guys in to the edgy leather jacket trend or not really? Let’s chat about this! Leave a  comment down below!





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