Weekend Wrap Up: Fan Fest + Life Plans.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a love hate relationship with Sunday’s. They’re the perfect day of the week to go out for brunch, church, the park…there’s just something about Sunday’s most people love. It also happens to be the day that reminds you that the weekend is coming to an end and the work week is about to begin again. It’s bitter sweet,  but I think a positive way to look at it will be as a re-set button. New week, new goals, fresh and positive mindset. #bringitnewweek!


Friday 1/12: This weekend was jammed packed with tons of excitement, celebration, and fun in the sun. To kick it off I posted Vol 1. of my first Fashion Friday’s series! Click here to check it out. Byron and I celebrated at my favorite sushi place the exciting news of my upcoming new job! Officially moving on to greater things. Woo! Then we made our way to another one of my favorite gems here in San Diego-The Lot.  We were long over due on some Star Wars goodness, so we finally watched The Last Jedi.  I thought it was pretty great, but Byron had different thoughts. Have you guys seen it? If so, leave me a comment on your thoughts!

Saturday 1/13: For those of you who haven’t met me before, here is fact numero dos about me (first one was revealed here), I am a huge baseball fan! And yes, I am a Padres girl and always will be. This Saturday Petco Park hosted their Padres Fan Fest. If you haven’t attended before, you definitely should. They have tons of fun activities for the kids like running the bases, pictures with Petco characters, they have superheroes, jumpers, ball pitching, and tons of free stuff! It’s pretty awesome, and definitely kid and parent friendly, because where there’s tons of screaming kids there’s beer.


Sunday 1/14: Two things that we decided we wanted to implement this year were having a healthier lifestyle and religion. We began this beautiful Sunday morning with a walk at OB Pier and then landed at my fave place to get my cortadito fix- Azucar. Best Cuban coffee in town! Of course, we’re weak and just had to have pastries. #slayusnow. We parked far so, we’d love to think we walked it off.

I’ve mentioned before that Byron and I come from different religious backgrounds.  Because of that we haven’t established any sort of practice for Cataleya. Its been a bit strange for us, as we come from parents who are very committed to religion and have obviously taught us to be that way, but we’re working through it as best as we can. We figured a great place to start was simply to go somewhere we can have her hear positive words on life, belief, faith, and most importantly God. We’ll be giving The Roc church a shot tonight and we’re very optimistic that it will go well.  Have any of been or are currently attending this church? I’d love to hear about it down below in the comments. 🙂

Xo, Guadalupe ♥





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