Vol 2: Blazers for the Win.

Friday, welcome back you sexy thang. Guys, we made it! It’s finally our favorite day of the week and you know what that means… fashion!

Today I want to talk about blazers. I feel like blazers are making a super strong come back and for good a good reason. They’re stylish and super versatile. This is another fashion piece you can easily dress up with some cute heels or booties or with some comfortable lace up shoes like I did.

I not only love the color of this blazer but the material of it as well, very comfortable and almost stretchy. Raise your hand if you own a blazer you can’t expand your arms in? Lol I’m guilty too. I decided to pair it with this beautiful flower blouse that has the prettiest little gold trimming and black ripped jeans because black . Call me old lady,  but i love shirts or blouses with flowers. I just love the chic and vintage look.

So before I get in to the outfit details such as procing and where I bought it, I have a little disclaimer. I don’t purchase super expensive brand clothes. In all honesty, I do most of my shopping at Ross, Marshall’s,  TJMaxx, Forever 21, H&M..  you get the deal. If I’m feeling fancy shhmancy I will venture out to Zara and Nordstrom. Which funny enough is where this blazer is from.

I purchased this blazer during black Friday at the Nordstrom Rack website (that site is the devil and owner of all checks lol) for just about $30 doll hairs! I actually just looked and it’s still on sale! It’s by the brand Lush in the color ‘oxblood. ‘ The color is again what makes this blazer my favorite because it’s such a classy deep burgandy that pairs great with other classier colors like black and grey. If you work in an office like I do, then it’s a great piece to wear to work and add  a sophisticated splash of color or also a perfect touch for a casual jeans and a t-shirt day.

I got mine in a size large but it does run a bit loose and it’s also a bit long. So if you’re petit you may want to size down for it to be a bit more fitting, unless you love the oversized look then girl you go ahead ans rock it!I’m telling you guys, you need this blazer in your life!

Well, that’s enough rambling on my end! What are your plans for the weekend? I know it’s raining, but I actually love it when it rains. Especially if it’s on a weekend. There’s  a lot of cuddling, movies and hot cocoa going on in my household. What are your rainy day activities? Let me know below.

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