Vol 3: Keeping it Neutral.

Cookies and Friday’s = Perfection!

Hello my lovely people! I have been MIA for way too long (I know!). So many exciting things have been happening which is good, but I have been beating myself up for not having a post up or not been as consistent as I should be. #getittogetherlupe. lol

Anyway, it’s Friday and I didn’t get a chance to put a post together last week because life was just happening all at once. So just to quickly fill you in, I started a new job recently and it’s business casual, which I love because I love dressing up, you guys already know the deal lol. I have to admit though, wearing dressy pants all the time do make you miss jeans. Lucky for me, today was jean day! Friday’s are usually a little more casual, so of course I had to bust out the neutrals. Give me all the poopy colors!

I not only felt super comfortable but also super happy with my outfit. You ever have those days when you just feel like your killing the game with your outfit? Well that was me today lol. It was super simple but these are by far my favorite colors to wear.

There are two items I want to shout out today: my mules and my coat.

The mules are from Nine West and I love these because they’re nude (duh) but also because they are extremely comfortable! You just can’t go wrong with mules in my opinion, plus they’re so trendy!

The coat is probably the most comfiest and softest I own. I love the texture because it’s an in between of velvet and a really soft nylon. It’s also the only stretchy coat that I own, and anything stretchy is already a win in my book. The color is obviously what makes it for me, like I said those poopy, olivey, browny, colors are #life and the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable is a great bonus!

Lastly, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to shop for my neutrals. I think you can never go wrong with Forever 21. They just do it right. I love going to Zara from time to time but only for a piece or two, cause Zara can be pricey. But hey, if you got it, #ballout! (in Kevin Hart’s voice). I also love H&M, Marshall’s, and Amazon! Where do you guys find you shop the most at? Let’s chat about it in the comments. 🙂

PS: I wasn’t able to find the exact coat, but of course I linked similar ones! If your interested, I purchased mine in Fashion Nova- another great online shopping site but dangerous! You’ve been warned.

Xo, Guadalupe ♥

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