Out + About Activities and Products

Hi friends! Welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to switch it up a bit a talk about some of the things I’m currently doing to stay fit and be healthy.

I mainly wanted to talk about some activities that I’m doing along with some products I love and I think they are the perfect little gems to help lose the little muffin top.

Recently I’ve been really in to hiking. Shocker! I know! If you know me, ya’ll know the hike is not for me. Lol But since I started my my job in Del Mar, I’ve been a lot more exploring and going on little mini adventures! There’s several little places around the area that just waiting to be explored. Plus, I’m also doing it for the gram. I won’t miss out the opportunity for an amazing view or picture. #okurrr

Even though I work in an office and I love my job, sitting for 8+ hours is not very healthy. I’m someone who can get comfortable really quick with just sitting around, but I’m getting older and I’ve really been thinking on ways that I can be more active but still enjoy the process.

Here are a few places I have been enjoying for activities:

Torrey Pines- such a beautiful place to hike that won’t kill you lol. I love the views and serenity of Torrey Pines and the beach trail. Very relaxing and a great work out!

San Dieguito Park Trail- I love this trail because its not overly complicated, its about 4 miles long mainly for walking/running or biking. The bridge on this trail makes it for me, kinda hard to find but so worth it. So instagramable!

Dust Devil Nature Trail- This one is super easy as well, very kid and older folk a friendly. It’s flat and easy to walk, and has several little ponds where some pretty interesting birds gather. A great place to walk and relax!

Ps: I always recommended doing these hikes/trails with a buddy. There’s weirdos out there sometimes. So, please be safe!

When it comes to working out, I’m not big on using many many things, less is more sometimes and when I fins something I love I stick to it.

I have been using sweet sweat for aboit a year now and man do I love this. I rub it all over my stomach snd back, wrap myself with a waist trainer and it helps me sweat like no other! I’m alwaya a sweater but trust me this is magic in a bottle. I always feel amazing when i take the waist trainer off and see gallons of sweat just dropping off.

You can purchase the waist trainer and sweat sweet bottle here !😉

I’m thinking about also sharing the types of meals I’ve been eating. I thinknthese two go hand in hand and what you eat has a huge impact on your mood. Let me know in the comments below if you guys would be interested!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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