Finding The Balance.

Happy Monday mamas! I hope you’re all having a great Monday so far. Another weekend down, and another week to go. We can do this! Went a little MIA again last week because, well, life got a little harder on me. I don’t want to go in to many details, but let’s just say that it will be a mom and daughter duo only for now.

I always say that finding the balance between work, parenthood, and your life as an individual is hard! And I mean that because as parent you now put your priorities and wants aside to focus on your child. That’s just the way it is. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with Leya, I have been trying to find that balance and I’ve been stumbling along the way. And guys… I really mean stumbling. (Yikes). I think that over the years, I’ve learned a few good tips and tricks, such as patience, communication (as silly as that may sound), and self love. Those three things have been the key to my survival… ok, ok, maybe a few glasses of wine along the way as well. lol

Over the weekend, I had a bit of a realization. And again, as silly as they may sound, I realized that my daughter is growing. That everything I do or say she is aware of and it affects her in good and bad ways at times. Most importantly, I realized that this is the time that matters (and moving forward). This is the time memories are made… and I need to take advantage. I wish my little muffin would be three forever, but as sad as it is, she will grow up to be a young woman one day and the memories that we create now, she’ll hopefully cherish and remember for a life time. All I can really do now is be with her as much as possible, love her like there’s no tomorrow, guide her, and support her.

I mentioned in my Insta stories this weekend that I wanted to go out with friends for Cinco De Mayo, and she didn’t want me to go. She straight up asked me to lay down with her and to watch a movie together. It was at that moment where I realized how truly selfless I’ve become as a parent, but I don’t care. Yes, drinks would of been fun, but laying with my little muffin watching Elsa, aka Frozen (for the 100th time) was well worth it.

I was inspired to write about this today because, if you’re a mother, and you’re going through hell right now, or even if you’re not, if you feel like you’re just stumbling by, if you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, I just want you to know that you’re not alone. I learned that there will be many opportunities for drinks and girl days, but our babies will only be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 once. I realized that they truly cherish those moments when we give in and lay or play with them, it’s not just entertainment for them. I realized that those moments when we play barbies, color, or watch a movie together really do mean the world to her.

Finding the balance is hard and it may take some time, just remember to take it easy on yourself and remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. I have to remind myself too from time to time. Some times, I wish motherhood came with a instruction manual, don’t y’all? lol. I think I’ll always wonder if I’m doing this right. *sigh.* I hope this post helped in any way, shape or form. Remember that you’re rockin’ it! And you’re allowed to not be perfect.

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

Ps: Here are a few pictures of Disney on ice featuring Frozen. Be prepared to see the hardest cheeser ever! (You’ve been warned lol).

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