My All Time Favorite Things To Do With My Daughter.

Hello beautiful people! I want to begin by saying happy mother’s day, if you’re a mom. I don’t think that there will ever be enough words to describe the love, the sacrifice, the dedication and support and mother truly is. I hope that if you’re a mother you get spoiled today! And tons and tons of hugs and kisses!

Ok, moving on… I seriously don’t know what it is, but ever since I became a mother I’m so emotional all the time. I can seriously cry over everything! Anyone else?! Ok, that was just a random thought because when I was writing the paragraph above, I was seriously tearing up. lol OK, let’s move on for real this time…

Today’s blog post was inspired by a co worker, (my coworkers are the best by the way!) who is also a mom. Lily if you’re reading this, shout out to you girl! We were having a conversation about how she and her daughter go on dates all the time. It go me thinking of how I could spice up the days Leya and I spend together, but also mention some of the things we already do together that I think are great suggestions.

Hiking/Outdoor Activities: I think this one is very important because I believe that if you start your kids young in any activity they could grow to really love it. I know you guys have heard me whine about this many many times lol but I’ve really started trying to do more hiking and outdoorsy activities with her for that reason. I don’t want her to grow up hating something so beautiful and rewarding.

Coffee/Dinner dates: I think we’re more coffee (and hot cocoa) gals ourselves, but I do want to take her on a somewhat nice dinner, just the two of us. I want us to get all decked out and go and enjoy some upscale chicken nuggets. Lol😁

Froyo: I love that Leya loves Froyo as much as I do, and yes I’m a #Yogurtlandmom. What I love about Yogurtland is that you get to pick the portion of what they’ll have. You know exactly at what portion you need to stop before they get cray cray. lol I Love this place for that, and the yogurt is bomb in my opinion. Winner winner!

Picnic: There’s so many little gems in san Diego that we love to go and do this every so often. Grab some sammiches (or nuggets) to go and go enjoy some fun in the sun!

Movies: I just tried this last night! It went surprisingly good. I’m a movie junkie! I can seriously watch movies all day and I’m glad she loves doing that too. She was very excited and couldn’t stop talking about it since I had mentioned we were going. We went to a late showing, so that was probably not the best idea and we went to see Avengers Infinity War which was also not the best idea lol, but Leya loves comics, she loves super heroes, and actually wanted to see and saw the entire movie. We had a great time and we’re anxiously waiting for The Incredibles 2!

Traveling: Whether it’s close or far, I say bring your kids! I know it’s important as parents to also take some time to ourselves, but I think that they deserve to experience the world as well. Those are the memories! I remember that my parents would go to Vegas a lot when I was a kid, and they always brought me along even though they probably wanted to go alone. But my dad has always been a very family oriented man and he loves bringing everyone along. I remember one time we went to Vegas, and my mom and rest of the family took off to gamble (cold blooded mom), and my dad stayed behind with me. Kids, as you guys know, are not allowed in the casinos much less to touch or “gamble” with the machines. Well my dad being the rebel that he is, sat down with me, and was like “pull on the handle”… we won $300 that day! *drop the mich* lol. Those memories are some of the fondest memories I have and I will cherish for ever.

For my 25th birthday last year, we went to New York and Leya, till’ this day always brings up things we did. Such as going on the tour boat around the islands, the M&M store, the pizza place we ate in Little Italy! I can’t believe she remembers this much and she’s only 3! That just tells me how much it meant to her and how much she truly loves traveling.

One of the things I’ve learned recently is that, because she’s growing and her memory is that good, lol I have to keep the promises I make. If I tell her, we’re having date night Saturday, that is my priority. That creates reliability and forms trust between us. My daughter is my best friend an I love spending time with her. Her trust means more than anything in the world.

I hope that this post helped in anyway and you enjoyed it!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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