I’m A Color Street Stylist!

Hi beauties! Welcome back! I’m glad ya’ll decided to stop by because today is an exciting one! I wanted to share that I’m officially a Color Street stylist! I wanted to touch on some important points on what I’ll be doing, what you can expect from me, and what you’ll be seeing more of here on the blog as well as my social media.

First things first, what is Color Street and what are nail polish strips? Well, I actually wrote an entire post about them here. It has tons of details on prices too. Check it out!

Today I’m here to chat about why I became a stylist and what you can expect from me and hopefully what I can offer to you.

I decided to become a stylist because I genuinely love this product. I believe in it because it truly works for me and I think it can work on anyone. Especially those of us who are in a rush, who maybe don’t have a lot of patience, and just love quick and easy but still want to be stylish and polished.

I don’t know about ya’ll but all those things have my name written all over it. Ever since becoming a mom I feel like I’m always rushing. No matter how prepapred I am, I’m always running late. I hate that feeling! I know we all have been in that situation when were rushing to get a mani before a wedding or a party or a fancy dinner or heck, just to look a little more put together, and ask ourselves ‘why can’t this be easier?’ Well now it is!

These strips are so easy to use and most importantly cost efficient! Ladies, I know how expensive getting your nails done is, because I’ve been there! This is a trendy product that is quick, simple, and fashionable.

Since I’m a stylist now, I do want to make a disclaimer that if you purchase nail strips from me, I will make a small commission. The money aspect is great of course, but that doesn’t change at all how I feel about the product. I’m still thinking of hosting a little party, I think it would be tons of fun to get together have a little wine and just chat and do our nails! (How cuteee!)

Be patient with me though, because it takes a little more planning and organizing than I initially thought.

I’m still working on getting business cards together, but if you are interested in shopping now please feel free to do so! Here’s the website and a mini break down:


  • This page will ask you if you have a styler, and that will be yours truly. šŸ˜Š
  • Click on ‘I have a Stylist’ and select search by name: Guadalupe Magos
  • You may add my city/state/zip code if you’d like (San Diego, Ca 92105) but it should pull up with just my name.
  • Click on my name
  • Let’s get shopping!

It’s that simple ladies! There’s several cute designs coming out for 4th of July! I love so many styles that I don’t know where to even start! I guess you can say I love them all. I’m so excited for this journey and what’s to come. I really appreciate all your love and support!Ā I’m here for you guys and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @_soylibree or on Facebook if you make a purchase. I’d love to see all of your stylish nails!

Ps: Any nail strip (except french tips) are BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! šŸ™‚

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ā™”


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