May Faves

Hello lovelies! Welcome to what could possibly be another series here at Soy Libre! I have been debating on whether or not I wanted to start this for some time now and I this month I tried quite a few things and made some new discoveries that I just fhave to share with you all.

So please let me know if this is something that floats your boat or…just sinks it? Haha I don’t know where I was going with that but, just let me know of you’re diggin’ it.


I’m irrevocably obsessed with Koheesiv. I know I’ve talked about them before in a previous blog post, (click here to read it) but I just can’t get enough of how much I love their clothing pieces. I buy from them more often than any place, seriously you guys probably like twice a month. They have such unique pieces at an affordable price and the best part is that it’s run by two lovely moms who are just the cutest and sweetest gals. Get your card ready and thank me later.😉

[Top in picture above + Jacket from picture below are from Koheesiv]


Target has been KILLING the shoe game, specifically online. They are coming out with such cute shoes and at very affordable price that I just can’t stop, even though I really need to because they’re burning a hole in my wallet lol. Seriously, though do yourself a favor and browse.


If you know me, you know lips are my jam. I love smashbox’s formula for liquid lips and lipsticks because they just do it right in my opinion. I recently picked up two shades of the be legendary lipsticks and the always on liquid lip and they’re so comfortable. Not drying or cracking on the lips, just good ol’ perfection.

Skin care:

Ever since I turned 25 I feel like everything shifted. I’m usually really oily but lately I’ve been getting some dry patches around my mouth area and in between my brows. Tula’s day and night cream has truly changed my life. I haven’t really found a skin care product that I’m obsessed with but this cream is it. So hydrating and it feels so good on the skin. It’s a universal product so it works for my oily and dey skin ladies.

Another product that I’ve loved has been this Vasanti exfoliator. I must of got it in an ipsy bag but I just got around to using it. It works really good, smells amazing, and it doesn’t leave my skin tight or drying. It’s amazing!

Hair products:

OUIA Wave Spray- this product is amazing for adding a bit of texture and beachy looking hair. It smells amazing too. Definitely a fave!


Dove dry shampoo- so here I go again, going against the trend BUT Inlove this one because ut doesn’t leave me the white residue that most dry shampoo does. It doesn’t have the white residue whixh I love because apparebtly I’m not the best at applying it and disolving it so I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing white patches on my head.

I can feel it extract some of the oilyness out of my hair, plus it smells incredibly good and fresh without leaving those annoying white areas.

Eva NYC Volume Powder: So I’ve never liked the idea of teasing hair because for one, I hate brushing my hair but I don’t like the tangle after math. However I still love the effect and look of it so there I was looking for the next best thing. Thus this little baby cam in to my life. This powder gives me the same teasing effect without me having actually do it. I just add in between hair closer to the roots and bam!



This one is a bit random, but if you don’t have one these aluminum cups, you need one! I purchased mine from Ross for less than $10 bucks and I can’t get enough of it. It can be used for hot or cold drinks, I usually just use it for cold drinks and it keeps it cold for hours. Especially for the hot summer days that are among us, this is a must!

Well, those are some of the items I’ve been loving this month. I hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it helpful if you’ve been on the hunt for any items in these categories.

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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