Hi babes! Welcome back to another wellness Wednesday! Today I have a bit of a fun one, my friend April and I got together for a little girls pamper night yesterday and paired it with a little Rosè.

Due to both of us being moms and working full time we rarely have time to have a night in and treat ourselves to a little wine and skin care. So, being that the girls were taken care of, we decided to do major catch up over dinner, wine, and masks!

We knew coming in to this night we had so many things to catch up on and vent about. #chisme #thetea. We touched on so many different topics from relationships, to motherhood, to work, and friendships.

What I enjoyed the most about the night was sharing our visions as mother’s and the goals we have for our girls. We actually did a mom tag video on April’s YouTube channel, which you should totally check out. But be warned, we’re very explicit lol.

Once we concluded our relaxing little mom date, I got to thinking about how venting to a friend, loved one or even on paper is such a rewarding feeling. It literally feels so good to know you’ve expressed and let all these things ofd your chest. Because I felt so relaxed after, I figured I would share three solid reasons why you should consider venting if something is on your mind.

  1. It’s not always easy but it’s truly rewarding. Letting it all out is good for the soul and the mind. It’s not good to keep things bottled in whether they’re good or bad. Let those emotions out!
  2. It’s ok to be vulnerable with people you love and trust. Sometimes the fear of judgement gets stops us from just letting out what we’re feeling or going through, but people who truly care about your and value you as person will never judge you. Trust me.
  3. A different view/perspective. Sometimes when I have so much going on in my life and in my head I go in circles and I always either doubt myself, question my actions, or just wonder if I’m missing something, that’s why I letting those things out with someone is always helpful. You get a fresh perspective on your situation. Someone looking from the outside in will always see things from a different view.

As you all know, life can be stressful at times so talking about it will always help. It may not solve all your problems but it will lift that weight of having to carry all those thoughts and worries around.

Till’ the next post!

PS: Be sure to swing by April’s YouTube channel and show a little love. The mom tag was pretty funny! Click here.

Xo, Guadalupe ♥

Dinner was from Panda Express. We’re so fancy. 🙂


Wine glasses are from Home Goods by Rae Dunn.

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