Father’s Day Gift Guide

My baseball tee || slides

Father’s day is right around the corner, so I decided to put a little somethin’ somethin’ together of what I think will be great suggestions for that father in your life.  My dad has always been an amazing figure in my life. He’s such a hard working, determined, and dedicated man. Very family oriented an always thinking of ways to help his family. He inspires me in so many ways and I love being able to treat him and making him feel extra special.

I wanted to provide a mixture for younger and older men, whether it’s your significant other or you dad. I tried to really sort through items that are super trendy right now but also on a budget and incorporate some old school goodies in there as well.

[I will only be touching on a few items on the scroll or else we will be here for hours! lol]

I decided to incorporate a Hydro Flask because even though they’re a bit pricey they’re amazing! They’re really the best water bottle to keep you beverage nice and cold, especially now that summa time is here! My dad just like me is someone who always has water on his night stand and I always see him going back for more and more ice to keep his water cool. Hopefully this will solve his problems. 😉

Ps: I also added a bubba  aluminum cup on here that is much more affordable thank the flask, I actually own it in a teal color and love it!

Kiehl’s is a brand who definitely know how to do skin care right. The Kiehl’s grooming kit is actually amazing. I purchased it for my dad for Christmas last year and he loved it so much that I’m actually thinking of re gifting it to him again. If you have a beard, this kit has got your covered too! And it’s great for traveling!

The Issey Miyake cologne has been my dad’s go to for years now! I mean the man loves it so much that when in doubt Issey come’s through for us. Stop by and smell it at your local Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, and you’ll see why he keeps repurchasing it.

Adidas x Pharrell Williams sneakers. They’re trendy and apparently super comfortable, I have a friend who actually owns a pair and highly recommends purchasing them. My dad is one hip man and anything trendy and in style, he wants. #okurrrt

Print/Embroidery shorts. Again, these are super trendy and my dad is up for the trend! There’s two I linked below for you guys that I personally think would be great for summer and I think look amazing on older and younger men.
I hope this was helpful and made your father’s day shopping a bit easier! I’m always on the hunt for post like these because I always run out of ideas! Like no joke guys, every year. Let me know what you guys decided on? And what is one go to thing that you guys always get for your dad?

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe



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