4 Tips On Setting Realistic Goals

Lately,  I have been thinking a lot of where I want to be in my life. Where am I going? What am I really doing with my life and talent? Well, I’ll tell you… I’m currently at a 9-5 job, sitting inside a cubicle, working in customer service. Although, I feel very grateful for the job I have and very proud of how much I’ve accomplished, I don’t feel very accomplished.

I’ve been listening to the Coffee and Convos podcast every Monday (if you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen me RAVE about it) and it just keeps resonating in my head that I was put on this earth to do something different. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I’ve never been in that situation where people find themselves wondering what they want to be. I knew all along. I never had a doubt in my mind, until my daughter came along. BUT now I’m here, falling in love over and over again with writing. So, anyway, I’ve been asking myself what makes me happy? Have you asked yourself that lately? Ask yourself right now.

My answer is, coffee, bread, and writing. Kind of an odd combo right? Well, yeah but when I have those three things with me, I feel complete. I love fashion, make up, and all the stuff in between, but I don’t see myself creating clothes, or being a make up artist, I see myself as a blogger/writer, with my very own bakery.

I’ve mentioned the bakery every now and then, and some of you may not even know that about me, but I’ve always dreamt about having my own business. My goal is for my blog and bakery business to eventually become one. That is definitely in my 5-10 year plan.

Ok, let’s move on to the setting realistic goals part. I have been brainstorming a lot on setting goals for myself, but I also want to make sure that they’re goals that are realistic and attainable. There’s nothing more discouraging in my opinion that goals that get lost in the midst of things. Here’s what I’m currently struggling with and need to accomplish before moving on to my business.

1.) Pay all your debt. Let me tell you, credit cards are the devil. Especially getting credit cards at such a young age. If there’s something that my mother has taught me well, is to NEVER pay the minimum. I know it may seem hard, maybe even impossible, but if you can afford to make higher payments on your credit cards or any other debt do it! It will stop the interest from accruing and go toward the actual principal of your debt. I’m not necessarily saying be broke and pay it off, but kind of. If you act like you don’t have money to spend, you won’t spend it.

Always set a deadline for yourself and tell yourself you need to have it paid by that date.  I have been doing that for the past year and I will have 90% of my debt paid off by the end of this year.

2.)  Saving. I have been using the acorns app for for about a year now and I absolutely love it! This is a great app to use because it literally helps you save that extra little change. Let me explain, so you can link all of your debit and credit cards to the app and essentially what is does is round up to the dollar with the remaining change. Let’s say you swiped your debit card for a purchase of $4.40, those 0.60 cents that are pending to make it to $5 will be put in that acorns saving account. Trust me that adds up! It’s just little change that you’re putting towards a savings. They also have a monthly recurring withdrawal that you can set up to transfer over to that savings. I have mine set to $50 a month. Another thing that I love is that you can invest in stocks through this app, so if your stock is high and making money, you can get a little slice of cake as well. 😉 I’m the worst when it comes to saving, but this app has truly helped me finally have a little money saved up for  trips, or even emergencies!

3.) Make a plan.  I’m someone who always has ideas running through ideas and write them down on a sticky or sheet of paper and then poof! that little sticky is gone. I have been doing so much better about bringing my note book and planner everywhere so that way I can stay on top of things. Whether it’s due date for bills,  appointments,  events, etc.  jot it down! What I would really  recommend and I’m thinking about getting is one of those mini notebooks, for just jotting down blog post ideas or any random thoughts.  But if keeping notes on your phone works, then more power to ya!



Image result for mini leather notebooks









4.) Stay consistent. Gosh this one is hard. I want to give up so many times but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that being consistent with anything you do in life, it will pay off. Some days, I just want to spend all this money or not post anything at all, but then I think about the consequences and I get those thoughts out of my head. The reward of knowing you accomplished something will be much more satisfying than anything. Don’t forget the reason why you started in the first place.

I just want to express my deepest empathy to you if you’re going through a rough patch and don’t know where to begin or how to. I was there! Everything is experience and you truly learn as you go. Now is the time to start setting those goals and making them happen. You can do it!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥



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