Why I’m On Instagram.

Hey there! So glad you were able to swing by! If you’re heading over from Instagram then you know exactly what will about to go down, if not then let me fill ya in. Recently I attended an event hosted by the San Diego business babes (@sdbsuinessbabes), which if you’re a blogger and you haven’t attended a blogger/blogging event, then you definitely must because I guarantee you will learn a ton.

Anyway, a good friend of mine Laura (@swellandsway) was a speaker at the event providing some tips on how to be intentional and successful on Instagram. One of the main things that stuck with me was, “why are you on Instagram?” So of course, I began to think a lot about my purpose and end goal of why I want to make my mark on the world wide web. So here it is!

  • Encouragement and positivity.  I want to provide your daily boost of good vibes! The reason behind this is because I personally love hearing happy thoughts, I love encouragement, and someone cheering me on. If I feel this way, I know that someone out there needs to hear it and appreciates it too. Plus, encouragement never goes out of style!
  • Style. I noticed I drifted away from my fashion Friday posts and beauty finds and I’m not sure why.  I love sharing affordable fashion and good deals on everything clothes but also beauty related. I personally love when people share the love on hidden gems, so I will be bringing those back!
  • Mommyhood + life. One of thing Laura mentioned was how there’s an algorithm  on Instagram. You may very well be a fashion and lifestyle blogger but your fashion posts do way better then the pictures of your kids. Um, that’s very discouraging! I know because I’ve had it happen first hand and it sucks seeing that some posts do better then others because of course you’re passionate about fashion but you want to share something exciting about your kids as well! I have to say that after she mentioned this, I realized that is exactly what happened with me. I love being a mom and I have held back on sharing so many products and ideas I have and share with my daughter because I always have that “oh that’s not going to do well” idea in my head. Let’s just say, you will see more motherhood posts because she is a part of who I am and I don’t want to hide her from the world.
  • Part 2: Life. this ties in with me holding back on sharing what goes on in my life beyond the pretty pictures. I want to be pretty raw and share what goes on in my life and my mind. This one is definitely hard because exposure is hard period, but I think people would appreciate that. I know I do when other people let you peek in to their life. It just makes it much more relatable. What do you think?
  • Food/Baking/Coffee. These all seem like a lot of things to jump in to, but let me tell you why I want to make sure it’s included, it makes me happy! I love to cook and I wish I had more time to do it! I guess my focus is all over the place but I love all these things and I want to share what I love. Let’s start with food and coffee, San Diego has so many little delicious gems that I think it’d be rude not  to share! Coffee, well that just runs through my veins. As far as baking goes, I bet most of you never knew this but I actually love to bake! Stay tuned for more of that to come.

This is my mark and this is why I’m here! I don’t just want to post pretty pictures, I want meaning! And these things mean quite a bit actually. They’re who I am. But aside from that, I really want to be a friend. I want this to be a friend helping a friend, whether you’re a mom, a young girl, anyone! I’m here to spill the deets on all the things I think you’d love too! I really hope you enjoy coming along this magical ride with me.

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥ 

Dress is from Shein.com



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