Let’s Flamingle!

Hello hello! Happy Sunday loves! Just dropping by to share about the amazing event I attended yesterday evening, along with three reasons why if you’re a blogger (or thinking about starting a blog) you must attend these networking events!

Taylor, the lovely mastermind and creator of CABE, hosted this event over in La Jolla at a rooftop with one magical view. Filled with the cutest vendors, fun photo shoots, and amazing bloggers and influencers, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

This event reminded me a lot of the first event I ever attended. I went alone,  and that really pushed me to try and get out of my shell and just talk! lol. This event I also went alone but knew I would see friendly faces, because guess what? I gathered up the courage to go to the first one. Going alone always scares me and makes me a bit nervous, because even though I try really hard to not be an introvert, it’s pretty freakin’ difficult at times, just  remember it’s not impossible to overcome.

So anyway, I arrived and immediately was greeted by smiling, friendly faces, and the nerves definitely calmed. Once on the roof top, I saw familiar faces which is always super comforting and just nice to catch up with lovely women. I met four amazing new people yesterday, (shout out to y’all if you’re reading this!) which I love! You guys, meeting new people is literally the highlight of these events for me! That, and these three other reason’s that are coming in hot! :

  1. Networking. If you’re an introvert and suck at starting conversations like me, then you need to get to one of these events! It’s a great way to not only put yourself and your brand out there but also mingle. If there’s anything I’ve seen at these events it’s been a genuine welcoming and kindness. Watching women support women is truly a beautiful sight.
  2. Learning. I have learned some of the most valuable tips from the women I have met at these events. Blogging can be hard, lonely, and well hard because you may not know where to start. But no one said you have to do it alone. There’s tons of women out there willing to share their knowledge. All you have to do is come!
  3. Supporting local businesses. Most of the time it will be local vendors, shops, and products at these events, promoting their brand. Why not support the local men and women of our community!

Huge shout out to all the lovely women and men that made this event happen, from the bar tender to the vendors, to the photographers. It was incredibly successful and fun!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡








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