Seattle Day 1: Pike Place, Space Needle + Chihuly Garden.

Greetings from Seattle, Washington! You guys, coming here was really something I’ve been having on my agenda for quite some time now. I’ve always known I wanted to come for two reasons, coffee and weather! As most of you may know, I’m not a summer gal, I love me some grey rainy weather.

My family and I decided to keep our new tradition going continue to travel together. Last year we took off to explore the big apple for my 25th birthday and we had a great time. I must say, I love that we’re doing this! My parents are both older and I want to enjoy and really cherish their company. This trip was mainly planned due to my dad’s 66th birthday on September 25th. So we packed our bags and headed to the ever green state! Let me begin by saying it truly is so green here! It’s pretty surreal. Every time my mom and I get in the uber/lyft we just can’t get over the greenery.

2018-09-22 10.45.56 1.jpg

Yesterday (9/21), we headed to Pike Place Market and I almost died! Literally. I’ve been wanting to take a picture in front of the Public Market Center sign for at seemed for ever now. Plus, you know, doing it for the gram. We walked in, but it was insanely packed and we were mainly looking for a place to eat but you seriously couldn’t even walk in there, it was that packed. So, we headed out and headed to the first Starbucks-ever! It was crazy packed in there too but, it was worth it. They had a seasonal drink that I actually don’t think we have back home, a maple pecan latte. So good! I paired it with a good ol’ apple cider glazed donut. Seriously no better way to start the day.

Next we walked all the way down to the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden. It was so convenient that they were right next to each other. It was quite a hype since it actually was about a 25 min walk, but hey we’re tourists and don’t know any better lol. So we walked but discovered some amazing art along the way. Little miss Leya sure enjoyed that. It’s so funny, I feel like she’s a little blogger in the making. She spotted this fun peace sign wall and posed all on her own. Mama is proud.

2018-09-22 11.48.13 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.48.10 1.jpg

Once we actually made it to the Space Needle, we purchased tickets for that and the Chihuly Garden. We had our line reservation to go up the Space Needle from 2:45 -3:00 pm, so that gave us plenty of time to explore the garden and the Seattle Center. If you saw stories then you might of seen Leya do the Luau, well attempted. I saw several signs for a Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival, really wish we could of stuck around for that but after doing the garden and the Space Needle we were literally starving.

The Chihuly Garden is such a wonderful experience. There was so many unique glass pieces, such wonderful art, and just over all history. It was amazing getting to walk through there. One thing that really stood out was that there was photographers inside and they offered to take pictures of you – for free! You get an awesome quality picture for free, yes please!

2018-09-22 11.51.42 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.41 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.37 2.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.23 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.45.51 1.jpg

2018-09-22 03.03.09 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.40 2.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.40 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.36 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.37 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.36 2.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.43 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.34 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.51.44 1.jpg

After the Garden, we headed walked over to the Space Needle. Ok, this you guys, is such a magical experience. To be so high in the air, and see all that surrounds you is amazing. The view it just out of this world good. And blogger friends, this is definitely very instagramable! I also really loved that they had a café up there, you can enjoy a nice little treat while soaking up that amazing Seattle view!

Here’s one tip though, I would definitely purchase the tickets online before going. I looked up these places before we even left San Diego online and the tickets were half the price! Definitely check out online.

2018-09-22 11.48.12 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.21 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.22 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.19 2.jpg
LOVED being able to do this! What an amazing view!

2018-09-22 10.37.17 1.jpg

After all this fun, we sure worked up an appetite. Can you take a wild guess at what my mother wanted to eat? Yep, MEXICAN FOOD! Lort! So I yelped Mexican food places around the area, and that took us over to Queen Anne Hill. There we ate at a place called Sal Y Limón, and you guys let me tell you… I know we’re Mexican and for that reason it takes a lot to impress us. This impressed us. The flavors were authentic, the food was delicious and flavorful and the margaritas, listen… so good!

Here’s what we ordered in case you ever come visit: Pozole Verde, Sopa Campechana, Arrachera, Enchiladas A La Mar, and Pollo Empanizado. Oh and queso fundido with chorizo to start. From the food to the service, a solid 10!

After din din, we finally figured out how and where to ride the monorail, so we took it back to Pike Place market to do a little shopping. Wish we knew that earlier in the day when we took almost a 30 min walk to the Space Needle lol, but hey, now we know.

I hope you enjoyed travel diaries numero uno, the Seattle edition! Can’t wait to share with you all today’s adventure! Travel deets and hotel will be listed below in case you’re interested.

2018-09-22 10.37.18 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.18 2.jpg
They were giving out sopes as their welcome to the restaurant.

2018-09-22 10.37.16 1.jpg

2018-09-22 10.37.17 2.jpg
Spicy mango margarita. Like really spicy.
2018-09-22 10.37.14 1.jpg
Pollo empanizado.
2018-09-22 10.37.15 1.jpg
Enchiladas a la mar.
2018-09-22 10.37.14 2.jpg
Pozole verde.
2018-09-22 10.37.13 1.jpg
Little Miss Leya and her cheese quesadillas.
2018-09-22 10.37.13 2.jpg
The glass cup has the campechana soup and the plate has the arrachera.

2018-09-22 10.37.12 1.jpg

Airline we used: Alaska Airlines, I watched/monitored flights through Hopper and received notification when rates were low. Love that app y’all, seriously so good for traveling. Our tickets round trip were about $230 each.

Hotel: Both of my parents work for hotels, my mom for Hilton and my dad for The Crowne Plaza, each has several hotels that fall under that umbrella. My mom’s were much higher so my dad reserved a two rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Issaquah, a bit far (about 2o min from the city with out traffic) but it’s so beautiful here too. We will be exploring the lake on one of the upcoming days.

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