Seattle Day 2: Mo Pop Museum + Great Wheel.

Hey y’all thanks so much for swinging by! So we’ve kept the mojo going and can proudly say we’ve had a successful day two! Yesterday morning we had a bit of a flop as the place I wanted to go eat (Tilikum Café) was reservations only. I don’t know if I completely missed it on Yelp or if it just didn’t say. But we managed to shake it off and go to the place next door called The 5 Point Café.

It wasn’t the ideal place, but it seemed to have a good vibe going due to Sunday football, and they had a wait line, so we thought it had to be good. Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint. I ordered the Monte Cristo and it was delicious, not fried like I’m used to seeing, but still over two decadent slices of French toast.

Once we wrapped up breakfast, we headed to the Mo Pop Culture Museum. I’ve been really looking forward to going to this museum, especially since they have the Marvel area. You know, comic nerd over here. The area was so fun and filled with tons of Marvel history. From the actual comics, to the costumes and the Marvel characters.

2018-09-24 09.32.02 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.11 3.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.07 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.03 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.04 2.jpg

2018-09-23 07.06.23 1.jpg

2018-09-23 07.06.21 1.jpg

After we soaked up all the Marvel magic, we headed over to read on Jimi Hendrix and explore the area dedicated to him. It was so colorful and bright, just like his music and his style.

2018-09-23 07.06.22 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.09 2.jpg

Once we wrapped up everything inside the pop culture museum, we headed outside where they have a play area for kids. If you saw my stories, this too was a bit of a flop as Leya couldn’t go up the ropes. I mean she could, but didn’t work up the nerve, next time muffin. Still it was such a beautiful day out and had some fun in the sun, doing some less intense activities, you know, like swings and mini slides.

2018-09-24 09.32.01 4.jpg

Once we decided to take off, we hopped on the monorail which took us to Westlake center. Which is the one and only stop the monorail makes. Still super convenient because it leaves us close to Pike Place Market and we pretty much walk anywhere from there. Our next destination was The Great Wheel! Apparently my mom and Carmen are afraid of heights and decided not to get on the wheel. That was not going to stop my dad and I of course. Plus they had a bar and you could take your drink inside the wheel, um yes please. We sipped on margaritas and enjoyed a killer view.

2018-09-24 09.15.32 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.15.32 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.15.33 1.jpg

We stuck around here for a bit to just soak up the view. It was so peaceful and Leya took a nap during this time on a little stroller we ended up getting her, so it was very peaceful an quiet lol.

2018-09-24 09.32.01 3.jpg

2018-09-24 09.32.00 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.31.59 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.31.57 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.31.56 1.jpg

By the time we decided to leave, it was almost dinner time. We walked over to Pike Place to see if we could find a delish place to eat. While we browsed I decided I needed a little pick me up… can’t go wrong with cookies and cream especially when the milk is coming from grass fed cows only. #winnerwinnericecreamdinner

2018-09-24 09.15.35 1.jpg

For dinner, we landed at Vons 1000Spirits on 1st Ave. Here they had modern American food, so pizza, pasta, and seafood since we were right by the water. All of your typical foods but with a delicious modern twist.

2018-09-25 12.08.08 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.15.39 2.jpg

2018-09-24 09.15.39 1.jpg

2018-09-24 09.15.40 1.jpg

Dinner left us stuffed and tired. As I mentioned before, my parents are both a bit older so even though they can hang, they start slowing down after around 6:30 pm. We have been flipping back between Uber and Lyft, but Lyft has been way cheaper.

This day, was so much fun. We covered quite a bit, the weather was so nice, and I guess you really can’t complain when you’re exploring a new city with good company. I feel so fortunate to experience this with the most important people in my life.

Till’ the next diary post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

2018-09-24 09.15.42 1.jpg

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