Seattle Day 3: Pioneer Square + China Town.

I can’t believe we’re counting down the days! I love it here and I low key don’t want to leave. Insert crying Kim Kardashian emoji here.

Yesterday, we had a bit of a late start. The previous days really caught up to us. We were so tired that we didn’t get up till’ about 9:15 am and we were starving! There’s a store right next to the hotel we’re staying it that is pretty similar to our Whole Foods, here it’s called PCC Community Markets. They sell coffee, food, and pretty much everything organic you can think of. We grabbed a quick cup of coffee and some pastries to get us ready to tackle the day.

Once we finished our quick bite, we headed over to Pioneer Square, which is supposed to be one of their most historic areas. You guys, I loved it. I loved everything from this little square. It was very green and cozy, and just historic. You could really feel a bit of that old vibe.

We walked over to Century Link as well since it was super close. My dad couldn’t stop smiling as he got to experience another football field. If you saw my stories then you know my mom and I didn’t mind it as much lol. Don’t get me wrong it was so cool being there but we’re just not football gals.

We walked back over to Pioneer Square to see if we saw a place to eat that peeked our interest. If you don’t happen to follow me on Instagram, you should lol, we had lunch at this….drum roll… MEXICAN FOOD place called Casco Antiguo! Let me just say this, Seattle hasn’t let us down with the food. It was very good! And they had bachata playing the entire time, so yasss! Mama was happy. Here is what we ordered:

-Pozole, enchiladas suizas, tacos de and carne asada.

After that we walked over to Seattle’s Chinatown International District, where we briefly walked through and rested for a bit, and by rested I mean I took pictures and my parents rested. It’s crazy how different cities host their immigrants. I love it because it really feels as if you stepped in to China. I definitely have to go come back to Seattle and try their Chinese food!

Right by Chinatown there was a station, for both the bus and the link (their underground trolley). We purchased tickets over to Westlake Center, where we explored more of Pike Place. I purchased some decadent mini cheesecakes, that oh my gah ya’ll, I wish I could seriously give you a bite through the screen. So good! I know I say that all the time, but really… so good! lol

Since we ate relatively late, we weren’t hungry by dinner time. Of course, I purchased a sweet treat and my trustee salted caramel mocha.

We’ve been ending nights a bit early, cause ya’ll… walking all day gets so exhausting. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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