Seattle Day 4: The Pink Door – Celebrating My Dad’s 66th Birthday + Thoughts On Moving.

Goodbye’s tend to suck. The last day here has been nothing but great, we didn’t get up extremely early again, we kinda just lounged around in the morning and then around 10:30 am headed to downtown to Moore Coffee Shop. I’ve been wanting to go there because their coffee decorations are just so cute and creative.


After coffee, we headed down to Pike Place and walked around the market. We finally got the chance to really stop and browse and do a little shoppin’- mainly shirts, key chains and little souvenirs. Pike Place market really has a special place in my heart, there’s so many little nooks and holes in the wall, you can go  underground, outside, and just have beautiful sights. My parents really loved it here as well.

2018-09-26 07.12.22 1.jpg


One of our last must see stops was definitely the famous Gum Wall! Since it’s located right there on Pike Place on Post Alley, we headed down and snapped a few pictures. I had to leave my own little mark in Seattle.

2018-09-25 12.16.30 1.jpg2018-09-25 12.16.28 2.jpg2018-09-25 12.16.27 1.jpg

We made our way to our lunch reservation at The Pink Door. Let me tell ya, it was a bit challenging to get a spot here and now I know it’s with good reason.  I managed to get reservations for 3:00 pm and it worked out perfectly. It was such a beautiful sunny day in Seattle that day, so we really enjoyed it. This is an Italian restaurant so it was right up my dad and I’s alley. We’re the two of the group who are adventurous with the food. My dad was very happy with the food. I wish we would of stayed or had a later reservation for the Burlesque show or some of their other entertainers! They tend to vary depending on the day and time, but how fun would of that been?!

2018-09-26 07.33.14 1.jpg

2018-09-26 07.33.15 1.jpg

2018-09-26 07.33.13 1.jpg

2018-09-26 07.33.12 1.jpg

2018-09-26 07.33.11 2.jpg
My dad ordered an Italian beer.
2018-09-26 07.33.10 1.jpg
I ordered the cocomero salato- which is tequila based.

2018-09-26 07.33.10 2.jpg

2018-09-26 07.33.09 1.jpg


2018-09-26 07.33.08 1.jpg
For starters, a bruschetta- so good!
2018-09-26 07.33.07 1.jpg
This is what I ordered, linguine alle congole.
2018-09-26 08.16.14 1.jpg
My dad ordered the Pescatore Pasta- it was a special for the day.
2018-09-26 07.33.07 2.jpg
My mom and her salads- this Cesar was really good though.
2018-09-26 07.33.05 2.jpg
This is a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean gelato.
2018-09-26 07.33.06 1.jpg
Ya’ll know I love my coffee, I ordered an Espresso Macchiato to finish things off.

Carmen’s order not pictured: Double R Ranch Tagliata

This trip, over all was amazing. There was little bumps here and there but it doesn’t diminish the amazing memories that we created together. These are the people I love and trust most in the world.  My parents and I rarely see eye to eye but we are all we have and at the end of the day, they’re the ones that are always there for me no matter what. I love being able to travel with them and Leya having the opportunity to enjoy their presence as much as possible.

PS: On our way back home, we grabbed a quick bite and saw that the Seattle airport has a Seattle’s best coffee shop! I always buy Seattle’s best coffee for my Keurig. If you happen to ever be in Seattle, or heck at the grocery store, highly recommend.

2018-09-26 07.12.23 1.jpg

Quick thoughts on moving: 

I was born and raised in San Diego and I have to be honest, I love my city. I love everything about San Diego! The weather, the diversity, the proximity to pretty much everything. There’s so much to do here! But I cannot believe how expensive it is here. In a way, I think I’m lucky because my parents own a home here that will pass down to me, so I count with a home that I could perhaps make my own.  People from up north, even as close as Los Angeles, seemed to be more fast paced than us San Diegans, and I don’t mind that, maybe it’s because I’m from here.

Seattle to me seems a lot slower than here and I LOVE that! Everything seems further out, like a 25-30 min drive depending on the traffic, and trust me I keep revisiting tat thought but at the end I keep saying, “who cares.” I really love how green and calm it is, it’s so quiet there. Nature truly surrounds them and that reminds me on how great it could be to raise a family there.

I’ve done mild research and the prices seem to be similar to here now, slightly more affordable but it’s getting there so as far as pricing and home value, I think it’s about the same. I think the majority lies on your preference, so definitely lots to think about and consider.

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe 



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