End of Summer Lucheon: Bringing Awarness to Abuse.

Hi loves, so glad you decide to swing by because today I’m chatting about a topic that is very sensitive but so close to my heart. Last Saturday, September 9th, I was invited to attend a luncheon hoested by the lovely Camaryn, also known as @camarynsullivan on Instagram. Her event was at 264 Fresco in Carlsbad, and not only was it so beautiful but it was meant to really expose and inspire other women to the help or support anyone who has been in an abusive relationship.

She invited Brandee, a represenative from the Women’s Resource Center to speak and share more about domestic violence, and how domestic violence is not just physical but can also be mental or financial abuse.

I have lived through my share of abuse, but that’s for another post on another day. I just wanted to extend the resources and share with you all that there’s help out there.

The WRC (@wrcoceanside) has a 24-7 hotline, and can provide so many resources and aid for those who need it, not just women, men are welcome as well.

I highly recommend that if you’re going through a rough situation you check out their website, they offer aid, counseling, housing, and so much more.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There’s currently a friendly fundraising competition called the Purple Purse Challenge, going on in October to bring awareness to this domestic violence. Serena Williams is a huge advocate and highly involved with this matter. Click on this link to read more and participate.
24hr Hotline (760) 757-3500

Please remember that you’re not alone. We can do this together!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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