Hair Day’s Made Easy.

When I was little girl, I had insanely long hair and hated when my mom would do my hair. It was always braided because there was really nothing else that would help from keeping it tangled. I grew up hating having my hair brushed because my mom didn’t really make I a fun experience.

This story however is not about me, it’s about little miss Leya. I have made it a really strong point in our routine to make this hair experience a good one. I play her favorite show, let her pick out her bow or scrunchies and these are some of the products that make our lives easier.

First thing’s first, water. I spray her hair with There is no way I could get in there without her hair being manageable first. So we get a good spray of that first.  The second thing  is definitely a good brush. I had to buy a special brush for her hair since it’s so curly and this one from Goody is amazing! It’s not as soft and the bristles  are a little bit more stiff but I found that really helps when brushing her hair. After that we shift to these:

Johnson’s no more tangles detangling spray. I have been using this for quite some time now and it has helped so much. This was the first spray I used on her hair and it really helps brushing and styling her curly hair.

Another detangle spray we tried recently and really like is the Aussie Kids detangling spray what I love about them both is that they smell great, they both really help detangling her hair and they’re paraben free!

2018-10-22 10.06.06 1.jpg

One of the challenges I was seeing with her hair was managing to have her curls stay in tact. The frizz always caught up to us. A product that I fell in love with is the Shea Moisture Coconut and hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This not only smells like heaven, it has really helped hold her curls and keep the frizz to a minimum.

What I love about this cream is that coconut oil helps hydrate the hair and keeps it smooth. Plus it is free of parabens too and any other band junk you could think of.

Honestly, hair days are such a breeze with these products! It makes both Leya and I’s life so much easier. Less tangles is a happy toddler which makes a happy mom!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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