My Fave Coffee Shops in San Diego!

Oh my god we’re finally doing this! I’m really excited for today’s blog post because it involves one of my all time favorite things in the world… coffee! I know, I know, it’s taken a year but, here we are and I’m so ready to dive in!

In this post I will be sharing some of my most loved coffee shops. I’ve chosen these not only because they are totally instagramable but because they genuinely have amazing coffee. If you’re a coffee lover (like myself) you might want to stick around…

Ok first things first, when I’m not buying coffee at a shop, I’m brewing it at home in my Keurig. Some of my faves are Seattle’s Best (any of their flavors are good), The Donut Shop Blend (dark), or the any of the Starbucks selections. I recently made a discovery that I’m lactose n’ tolerant so almond milk it has been. The Califia Farms creamers are currently my go to’s.

Ok, so now let’s dive in to coffee shops!

  1. Communal Coffee in North Park.

I think we all would agree that not only is this place super instagramable, it also has delicious coffee and beautiful flower garden! They’re one of the and few places I know that have integrated oat milk in their menu and I love it! Almond milk is great but oat is a different ball game lol. Oh and they have some amazing chia pudding! Definitely a must try!

2. S3 Coffee Bar.

Another super instagramable little shop and the home of the rainbow latte! Their drinks are super whimsical and fun but they also taste incredibly delicious. If you’re not really in to the caffeine, they have great non coffee alternatives as well! Point is, you have to swing by, have a fun drink and take some pictures in their super cute pink phone wall.

3. Moniker General.

You guys, I just love the vibe here. This place makes me want to have coffee and shop. Moniker has such unique combinations when it comes to coffee and it just makes it so good. Especially right now, the holiday drinks are so good! I tried their campfire cappuccino and I died.

2018-12-01 12.23.50 1.jpg

And if you’re here, please take the time to walk around Liberty Station. It’s one of my all time favorite places here in San Diego.

4. Lofty Coffee.

I tried my first ever spicy mocha here, and let me tell you that thing was spicy but delicious! Lofty is great because they too have unique combinations but their location is just prime. They’re in the heart of downtown Del Mar and this is the place to swing by, get a little coffee pick me up and maybe do a little shopping.

2018-12-01 12.23.39 2.jpg


5. Dark Horse.

Small by mighty! They have the tiniest shops, but their coffee is amazing! Swing by and check it out. Oh and also grab a delicious donut!

2018-12-01 12.23.48 1.jpg

6. Parakeet Café.

Something about this cute little pink shop that kinda makes you not ever want to leave. Yes, the wall here is so picture worthy but the coffee is also outta’ this world! I’ve actually been wanting to swing by again to try their food because it looks so yummy! If you’ve been, have you had their food? Let me know in the comments below.

2018-12-01 12.23.43 2.jpg

7. Black Market Bakery.

My favorite drink here is The Champ, honey and cinnamon. Need I say more? Well maybe if you’re not in to either of those ingredients lol but trust me on this one. That combo is just divine! Oh and also get ready to gain some pounds because they have a full bakery and their portions are huge! If you know me then you know that bread is pretty much my kryptonite and I refuse to live without it even though I should give it up, but ANYWAY, please go and have delicious coffee and bread. 🙂

2018-12-01 12.23.46 1.jpg


8. James Coffee Co. (Bankers Hill)

This place is pretty similar to Moniker General, so if you love shopping while you have some coffee, then this is the place for you. They too have another really good honey and cinnamon latte that is just so good! Pair that with a delicious pastry and you’re all set!

9. The Forum Coffee.

This place is a little newer, at least to my knowledge, but let me tell you they’re also doing it right! This is another super quirky place with unique flavors and combinations. They also have a really fun wall you can snap a shot for the gram.

2018-12-01 12.23.49 1.jpg

10. Scrimshaw Coffee.

This place opened up not too long ago over on El Cajon Blvd and they are also killing it! We recently swung by and I had their Downtown Julian and let me tell you guys if you could taste the holiday’s this would be it. Put this one of your lists of coffee stops too!

2018-12-01 12.34.59 1.jpg

Well, that’s a wrap! I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully you add one or two of these coffee shops to your must try list, if you haven’t already. I love coffee so much, it genuinely makes me so happy to go try and explore a new shop. So, if you have any recommendations please comment below! I’d love to check it out!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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