Thrifting: Episode 1

Hey friend, so glad you’re here! I initially was just going to post on Instagram, but I have received so many compliments on my blazer that I was like, nope, gotta share this with the blog fam too. That’s when an idea sparked in my head and thought, why not start a series on this?!

Last weekend, I went thrifting for the first time since I was a kid and it was at a pretty special place, called Team Amvets. I remember roaming those long isles as a kid with my parents and just to think that before thrifting was done out of necessity and now as pleasure. It’s crazy! Anyway, the reason I started doing this was because of a vintage belt I saw on another fellow blogger. I loved the buckle and asked her where she got it as I desperately needed one. Well, turns out I couldn’t since she had the only one there was, due to getting it a thrift store.

One, I love the idea of having unique pieces and two, clothes are so expensive! Especially at these online boutiques. I loved this blazer since I laid eyes on it. It has very fine lined stripes and some fun colors running through it such as pink, green and yellow (can’t really tell in the pictures, I know 😦 ) You guys I purchased this baby for $4.99!

I’m trying to undergo the process of losing weight and the idea of buying expensive clothes that I may not get to wear for a long period of time gets a little discouraging, so thrifting it is!

I know that with doing this the possibility of finding the same item is pretty much impossible but I’m more so doing this to hopefully inspire you to find unique items and enjoy the experience. Besides, if you’ve been here for a while, can you even remember the last time I did a fashion Friday? Yeah, me either. I hope you enjoy coming along this thrifting ride with me and if you thrift, I want to know where you go or what you’re getting. It doesn’t matter that you live in San Diego or not. I want to hear from you!

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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