Thrifting: Episode 2

Hey there! Welcome back to Episode 2 of this thrifting series! Last week, my mom and I tackled two thrift stores and both her and I ended the day with great finds. Let me just say you guys, that I love that my mom and I are doing this together. It’s turned it to such a fun experience and it’s been such an amazing bonding time between us, which I love!

First we head up to Encinitas to a thrift store called CRC Resale Store. My goal was to find a white shirt and I found one almost immediately. Oh and let me tell you, it still had the original tag. It was brand new and I got it for $8.00. I didn’t take a picture of it, but expect to see it styled on IG very soon.

We were both so impressed with this thrift store because it had a lot of unique, quality finds. There was brand name shoes with the price tag still on! A lot of their clothes were new, and had the original price tags on just like the shoes.

My mom only purchased a green ceramic vase that was Elephant shaped. She says it was for good luck lol, and I left with the white top and a set of wine glasses for $2.00. Highly recommend it!

For our second stop, we headed to La Jolla to a Goodwill that recently opened on Girard. As soon as we walked in we both instantly found something. My mom found a pair of Charles David wedges that were originally $60.00 and got them for $8.00! They had fitting rooms here so see below some of the pieces I tried on.

The only two I didnt purchase were the stripped ones. They were super cute but a little tight so  had to pass. Over all, we ended the day super happy and pleased with our finds. My mom ended up getting a few tops as well. I will be styling the tops I did purchase over the weekend, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I come up with!

Till the next thrift!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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