Whole 30: Week One.

Lord have mercy on my soul, this diet is no joke!

Hey Friends! I survived week one of whole 30 and I feel pretty darn good! So first things first, why whole 30? To be completely transparent and honest, my co worker suggested that we started it together. I was already looking for a start and this just felt like the perfect spontaneous time. We had this conversation on Friday and decided we would start on Monday. So of course, I took the weekend to eat all the things I could imagine, except chips, which is probably why I’ve been craving them so freakin much.

I’ve been slightly over weight since before I had my daughter and then I got pregnant and felt like I needed to satisfy every craving and even after I did, it was the last month of my pregnancy when somehow I managed to gain 25 lbs. After that it’s all been such an over weight blur. I love my curves and I embrace every single stretch mark and love handle but at the end it all started to come down to my energy, my health, and awareness to all the food I was consuming. That has brought me here and I’m so excited to share this journey with you all. Let’s dive in to week one!

But wait, before I dive in, if you’ve never heard of Whole 30, you’re probably like, huh? This is the best post I found to explain it at it’s best! Let me just say that this is the hardest diet I have been on. The first three days I was cranky, had headaches, I felt anxious, and just hangry! Plus trying to have black coffee is hard for me. That brings me to tip number one, don’t do this alone. If this is your first diet ever, you will need someone to keep you accountable, trust me! There will be days you will want to cheat, you will want to give in, and having that reassurance is definitely needed.

As the days went on, it definitely got easier and the cravings decreased a bit, the headaches started to fade and it started to become normal. Here are some steps I did to make sure I was ready for this diet:

  1. Mind over matter. Sounds silly but you guys, this won’t work if you don’t tell yourself that you are doing this and you will succeed. Your mind will try to play tricks on you, make you want to give in, but you have to know that you are stronger than that and you can accomplish anything as long as you are committed and focused.
  2. Meal prep. Another one that seems obvious, but trust me… really do meal prep. There’s nothing worst than being on such a strict diet, leaving work hungry and getting home still having to cook. It’s torture! Even prepping snacks is the best way to go. Always have something that you can actually eat handy because that hunger is what could make you want to cheat. Nuts (except peanuts), dried fruit, raw veggies, even chugging down some water will help.
  3. Do the research. When I decided to do this, I knew Google was going to become my best friend. Every time I was going to buy something I looked at the ingredients, same with when I went out to buy food. I would make sure that everything I was consuming was Whole 30 approved. Click here and here to see some of my favorite blogs for research and recipes!

Ok, now to the food! Here are some shots of what I have been eating for the past week.

-Meals for Lunch + Dinner-

This has been on repeat lately. I’ve loved zucchini noodles before starting Whole 30 and pairing it with these chicken sausages from Trader Joes has been a match made in heaven. The Rao’s tomato sauce is pricey but it’s Whole 30 approved, please look at the ingredients and it will blow your mind!

Baked veggies. Super easy and simple! I used the veggies below to make a medley and seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic poweder and a little paprika for spice and voila! Also adding sausage is always a good way to add protein and make it a little bit more filling.
This is the after.
Chicken with salt/pepper, mini colorful carrots from Trader Joe’s and asparagus. I drizzled a little bit of avocado oil, salt/pepper and chili flakes for a little kick.
Salmon with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and spinach salad with pine nuts. I normally will only use a olive oil and vinegar for dressing.
Lemon Chicken and Veggies with a side salad.
This one was exciting! Chipotle actually has one Whole 30 approved meal but it has to be this specific way: Lettuce, carnitas (only meat they have that is cooked in sunflower oil), guac and salsa. It’s actually really good!
Another Whole 30 approved meal at a restaurant! Been dying to try Tender Greens and it truly delivered! I ordered a special they had which was steak, with a frazee salad, and potatoes. Also their green juice has no added sugars and it’s all veggies!


This has been my life! When they said that eggs would be your besties, they were not kidding. But I actually enjoy them, sometimes I bring sausage as well and adding that everything bagel seasoning is life!
Eggs with sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach! Topped with the green goddess from Trader Joe’s! Oh and sugar free bacon of course!


Organic apples w/ almond butter
L’ARABAR- they are pretty filling and have fun flavors!
My all time fave! Chia seed pudding: organic coconut milk (1 cup), 3 table spoons of chia seeds, and let it sit for 24 hours. Top it with berries or bananas for sweetener, coconut shavings or even top it with almond butter!
Found these at Sprouts and they are so good! Peanut free!

Well, that is all for week one! 3 more weeks to go! This one was a bit lengthier because I really wanted to let you guys know what brought me to this diet. I feel really good! It’s only been one week but I can already notice I have more energy, I feel lighter and my mood has definitely changed. I will continue to update you guys on Sunday’s for the remainder of the month. Thank you for coming on this journey with me! I hope that it has inspired you if you’re looking to start and know that you can do it!

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe♡

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