Whole 30: Week Two.

Welcome back to the end of the second week of whole 30! Everything was going easy peasy and then somewhere along the lines I started feeling burnt out. Burnt out of eating veggies all the time, of trying to force black coffee down, and all this money I’ve been spending on organic foods and ingredients.

This week was filled with wins and losses. I was strongly considering having a cheat day yesterday. I just wanted Sushi so bad. Bad to the point where I found myself walking to the restaurant but then stopped myself and thought about how far I’d come and how good I feel (insert the Kim Kardashian crying emoji here). Even before the diet, I’ve not been the best at meal prepping which like I said in week one, it’s crucial to do so for situations like yesterday that I was starving and I just wanted to satisfy the craving, or better yet the hunger.

-Eating out-

As boujie as this may sound, my go to place has been Whole Foods and that has been a major win. They have the ingredients listed for all the food, so it’s been super easy to see what’s whole 30 approved and what isn’t. Kill me now because I’ve been forgetting to take a picture of what I get but essentially it’s been this:

Chicken/Pork Loin, sautéed mix of mushrooms, butternut squash with cranberries, and arugula salad with shredded organic carrots and cucumber. Topped the salad with this Primal Kitchen whole 30 approved dressing an it’s been delish!

Aside from being one of my places to get food, it has been my go to place to grocery shop. Yes, it most definitely is so expensive but I think the worth of your body and the intake is so worth it. Besides, come to find out they sell a coffee that is whole 30 and I am obsessed with it’s by Pop & Bottle and they have several flavors you can choose from by mine by far are the classic cold brew and the vanilla. They are vegan, paleo friendly (similar to whole 30), gluten free, non GMO, and my personal favorite women founded! Adios black coffee! Oh and I also found, this probiotic shake which I am also irrevocably obsessed with! This banana and date has been my favorite and my go to breakfast option. It’s filling an it has amazing ingredients.

A restaurant that is whole 30 approved is Urban plates. I love places like this or Tender Greens because they give you the ingredients to all their food, and you have a lot more control of what you want to eat. Essentially you pick protein and two sides. We went earlier in the week and picked steak, brussels sprouts and potatoes. They also have a green juice except this one was all veggies because it wasn’t sweet at all.

-Home made meals-

As far as home made meals go, I’ve been sticking to the usual salad or zuchinni noodles. This past week, I thought I’d mix it up though, and try to make a pizza. I posted about it on Instagram and I should of posted the sad reality of it too lol. So I had all whole 30 approved ingridients, from the sauce to the crust which was cauliflower based and the toppings were just chicken sausage, bell peppers and mushrooms. However, someone (me) didn’t read the instructions well and just started prepping the pizza, not knowing the crust had to cook for about 20 minutes first. Safe to say the outside was burn and the middle part saft and mushy so a scramble it was. Still pretty good but, definitely have to read the instructions first.

Since we’re on the topic of fails, let me tell you another learning lesson I had this week. If you’ve been around for a while then you known then bread has been my weakness and the reason why I started this diet in the first place. Well, I got the itch and I started researching deserts that were “whole 30 approved” I came across a recipe that claimed to be whole 30 approved banana muffins and the ingredients seemed to reflect that but after I made my brilliant post on Insta stories I was quickly reminded by the whole 30 crew that it was not.

Bread is bread. And that is the reason I began this journey so even though the recipe was clean and paleo friendly, still off limits for whole 30. The lesson here was that, even though some blogs or recipes out there may say they are whole 30 approved, it’s really important to read between the lines and all the labels. Here and here are two of my go to label educators. Anyway, safe to say my mom has texted me to tell me she’s really been enjoying the muffins. Here’s the recipe in case you’re interested.

Well guys, that’s a wrap for week 2. It was definitely a little challenging and bumpy but I’m determined to finish this third and fourth week strong. Stay tuned for the third week!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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