Whole 30: Week 3.

And the count down begins. Today is the official start of week 4 and man, it seems it took forever to get here yet it all felt like a breeze.

Today we’re here to chat about week 3 and just recap the highs and lows. I hate even saying lows because I truly think this diet and experience is all about the highs and the amazing benefits you get from it. Here are some of the meals for last week:

-Home made meals-

During the week everything seems to be a little bit more on track. I genuinely like cooking healthy and getting creative. I’ve been craving tacos probably since I stated the diet, but since no tortillas are allowed, lettuce it is! I made steak and shrimp, topped with bell peppers and it was just divine lol. And let me tell you, being someone who eats tortillas faithfully, having them in lettuce was not bad all and not having the carb guilt is definitely a bonus!

Shrimp, steak, and bell peppers seasoned with: salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika.

One thing I’ve noticed by doing this diet, has been that I’m slowly turning in to a simple meal kinda gal. I can eat chicken and veggies and be ok and satisfied with that. The other night, I had chicken and steak with veggies and it was literally just enough. Simple but really good. All about the seasonings peeps.

This one kind of counts as home made because I purchased it a work but they do cook meals for us fresh every day. It was essentially a banh mi but of course I couldn’t have the bread so I got everything else besides that. I have never had a banh mi before so it was such a pleasant experience. I can’t wait to try the real deal soon!

-Eating out –

Guys, I have such a strong love for Tender Greens. It’s my current obsession! I love how customize-able everything is and healthy. The food is healthy, but flavorful and I just can’t get enough of it! Or their green juice!

My order: Salt + pepper chicken, arugula salad with fennel. I ordered it with no cheese and just olive oil dressing and seasonal veggies

This weekend was definitely a hot one to remember, and with heat, all the cool cravings start to rise. I love acai bowls and my favorite place to get them is from Rockie’s over in Kearny Mesa. I ordered the 50/50 with no honey or granola to keep it whole 30 approved.

Half acai + half pitaya, mango, banana and strawberry topped with coconut.

As the weekend wrapped up to an end and the day seems to be getting later, the cravings always seem to rise. When I started this journey, I did it with two goals in mind, one, to eat healthier and two, detach from bread. As silly as it may sound, bread, cookies, just pastries in general play a huge part in my culture and they way I was raised. I cheated yesterday, by having a cookie and I beat myself so hard for it. I know maybe some of you are like girl, it’s just a cookie but it’s not about having the cookie it’s the idea behind it. I kept telling myself this is not hard and it really isn’t. There’s millions of thins in the world, like fighting cancer for example, that are hard. This is not one of them. All it takes is will power and discipline.

I’m sharing this because I want to be honest with you guys and even though I felt horrible, I reminded myself that I’m not perfect. Slip up’s happen and temptation will ALWAYS be there, it’s how we choose to react to it that matters. Anyway, I’ve put it behind me and I’m looking ahead to finish strong this potential last week of whole 30. I might just keep going.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me! My hope is that it inspires you and motivates you to start or keep going if you’ve already embarked. We can do this!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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