Whole 30: Week 4.

You guys! I can’t believe that a whole 30 is over today. It seems like the longest road ever, but now that this day is here it felt like a breeze. Ah, where do I even begin… well now that i’s done it seams like it was not hard at all, but going through it, there was definitely some challenges and lots of cravings.

As I mentioned on week one, I decided to going on this journey to really clean and detoxify my body from those nasty processed foods. I was also consuming carbs like nobody’s business and well to say that I was always tired and never felt good is such an understatement. I was over it.

Whole 30 has been such an eye opening experience. It’s been an amazing education on food and what my body really needs and what it doesn’t. I’ve learned to read those sneaky labels and cook more conscious yet delicious food. There was one thing I couldn’t seem to give up or have black, and that was coffee. I tried the first almost 2 weeks and it was just a waste because I kept trying to force it down and I just couldn’t. So I found a sugar free, half almond mil, half coconut cream creamer that I would sweeten with munkfruit and voila! It was true bliss. I also discovered these cold brew latte’s from Pop & Bottle and I don’t think I will ever stop drinking them. They’re so delicious and good for you!

Aside from the coffee, the cravings most definitely kicked in. It would always be late at night too and it was pretty frustrating. The first week going in to the second week, I was on a major chip craving. I just wanted that crunch and no matter how many almonds I ate, the craving was just not satisfied. So this is where the ventures to Whole Foods began. There had to be something out there that could be Whole 30 approved. Thus these pork grinds came to my life. So bomb with guac!

If you guys have been following along then you know where the ups and downs have been so I won’t go to deep anymore. I would definitely recommend reading back to week one! Let’s jump over to last weeks meals:

-Home made meals-

Srambles! Not made by me, but yes by the chef at work and they are amazing! Eggs are truly your best friends through this diet. In my scramble you will find: bacon, bell peppers, spinach, and mushrooms. No cheese of course to keep it whole 30 approved. The smoothie is made by me, it has 2 bananas, almond milk, 3 dates, a table spoon of almond butter, and coconut flakes blended in.
What do you ya know, chicken and veggies! lol I tried to spice it up by buying rotisserie chicken, making guac and buying tri color carrots. I roasted the veggies with avo oil, salt and lemon pepper and it was so good!

Same thing except with Steak!
Work salads can be fun too!

-Eating out-

You guys, Tender Greens will remain in my heart even after Whole 30. I LOVE this place and so does Leya which is a huge plus. You will be seeing more food pics.

Now for the million dollar question, will I continue… YES! I will have ramen tomorrow and potentially sushi and then we will hop back on the train. I personally love the way I feel, I love feeding my body healthy foods and ingredients and I love losing weight! Not much, but I will take anything. I love that I have discovered so many different foods and ingredients that I can keep using for the rest of my life.

If you’ve been reading since day one, thank you so much for coming on this journey with me! I hope that it was helpful and it inspired you to start and treat your body the way it should be treated and given all the proper foods and nutrients.

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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