Just Bloom 30 Day Collagen Challenge Recap.

Hi loves! I’m so excited for today’s post because it will be sharing a recap of my last 30 days of drinking collagen. Prior to doing this challenge, I had never even tried collagen before so I was a little skeptical of it working or not. So, I started doing major research on the benefits or collagen and I found that it is amazing for your skin, bones, hair, and joints! Where do I sign up?

Ever since I passed my mid 20’s I told myself I was going to focus more on my skin and health. I wanted to consume healthier products that would benefit me pretty much all around and with the collagen from Just Bloom I felt so optimistic and confident I could achieve that.

My focus

I decided that the three things I wanted to focus on were my hair, my nails, and skin. Let’s begin with my hair. I really wanted stronger and thicket hair. Ever since I was pregnant and even after she was born my hair just fell like crazy and it got significantly thin. I was afraid to add products thinking it would just make it fall more.

My nails have always been so thin to the point where the top layer would always break leaving them even thinner! Seriously so frustrating. So I knew that this was something I wanted collagen to help me with.

My skin is something that I am constantly thinking of and ensuring that it as the proper hydration, firmness and healthy looking appearance. Let me tell you, when I was 20 or 21 I had zero concerns, but as I’ve gotten older I know I want my skin to look and feel good.

The first 15 days.

First, let me say that this flavored collagen was so easy to integrate in my every day life. I love that it’s flavored because I have paired it with my food during lunch and it’s amazing. This was one way I would remember to always bring my shaker and I just threw different little packs in my purse.

With the first 15 days I could see a huge difference in my nails and hair. My hair was falling less and it started feeling a lot healthier and thick which is such a rewarding feeling because I don’t know about you, but when you’re in the shower and you rinse it off and see like 20 plus hairs falling it’s so discouraging and worrisome, am I right? So thicker hair has been life changing!

My nails is probably the most exciting thing ever! I started noticing that my nails were not only growing a lot quicker but so much stronger! It has been truly unbeleiveable how thick they feel as well. Insert the crying emoji here.

Look at those long thick nails!

The last 15 days.

My skin was soemthing that took a bit longer for me to see improvements on, but that’s ususally how it goes I feel like. It takes a little while for you skin to get accustomed to something and see true results. I can really see my skin being so much more clear, radiant, and firm. I took this picture without any filters and it looks so healthy!

Also, can we talk about how full my hair is?!

As I mentioned incorporating this in my life was so easy and it brought genuine results for me. You guys know that I am all about convenience because as a mom I’m always on the go, I’m the mom who wants the two in one, the product that takes 2 seconds and this was it for me.

If you have been thiking about incorporating collagen in your every day routine, this is it! You can still use my code Guadalupe15 at check out to save 15% ! Click here to go to the Just Bloom website.

Till the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

This was a sponsored blog post in collaboration with Just Bloom. All thoughts/opinions in this post are my own.

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