7 Steps to Manifesting A Life You Love.

Hey loves! I am a little too excited about today’s wellness Wednesday post because it’s regarding manifestation. If you have never even heard this word before, then let me allow google to give you the definition:

Noun; an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.

In other words, it can be a sign, an indication, or presentation in your life. I have been through a series of events in my life that have led me to this very moment. I’ve had some really hard times in which I realized that we make our lives what we want to. We have the power to choose happiness, to choose optimism, to make little or more money, and to surrender all of our worries, anger, frustrations to God and rely that in His hands everything will be ok.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not that simple. Sometimes it’s not, but it’s because we are choosing to be negative Nancy’s, girl I’ve been there too. Many many times. I usually never talk about my faith and I don’t want to seem pushy about it either, but if faith/religion is not something you practice often then, let the energy of the universe take over and surround you with good energy flow. I read this post and it was incredibly helpful with the understanding of energy and vibrations we release in to the world and the expectations we have. I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you read it!

I will spoil this one, which is what I strongly believe in. She says: ” You can’t attract something you’re not a vibrational match to.” Meaning you can’t attract happiness if you’re sad. You need to take little steps in to improving or working on happiness to attract like minded people and experiences.

Here are 7 small, by mighty steps I have been doing to manifest more positive energy in to my life:

  1. Set your intention.
  2. Know your worth.
  3. Know that God wants you to have what your heart desires.
  4. Become energetically aligned with what you want to manifest: whether it’s money, happiness, friendships, anything!
  5. Focus on what you want and be optimistic about it.
  6. Get the feeling of having that thing you desire most. If you can think it and believe that you can have it, it will come.
  7. Feel grateful.

I hope this was helpful and maybe you can start manifesting in your own life!

Till’ the next post!

PS: I also wanted to share this other post, she did such a great job giving her step by step process on how she manifested money in one week! Pretty cool read!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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