April + May Favorites.

Hi loves, welcome back! As you guys might know, I am notorious for starting series and a while back I began doing monthly favorites. I love over committing because I have a thousand ideas in my head and I want to share them all with you guys. Still trying to find the consistent balance but since we’re here, let’s chat about some products I’ve been loving for the month of April, from accessories to beauty to podcasts to shoes!

Pom Pom Earrings- I stumbled upon @whatevalola on Instagram and I’m obsessed, she makes the cutest pom pom earrings that are so lightweight and are the perfect accessory. She has different kinds of colors, short and long styles, and other super accessories. They’re so adorable!

I love a good under eye cream, and I’m always on the hunt for something that will wow me. I’ve been using this banana bright eye cream from Oleherinksen for the past month and I love how moisturized my under eye is. It sits really well under my eyes and under concealer.

This hair oil by Love Beauty & Planet has been working wonders for my hair ever since I bleached it. Super affordable and smells divine.

My go to blush this spring is this one from Laura Geller. It’s in the shade Pink Grapefruit. I love that it acts like a 2 in 1. Such a versatile shade and the perfect amount of shine and I think it will compliment so many skin tones.

As the hot days approach, perfectly shaved legs are a must. I was gifted this shaving kit from the All Girls Shave Club and I’m obsessed. The blades and shave butter are amazing! And the kit itself is just like a unicorn pooped all over it, in the best way possible of course. I have tried a lot of razors and this one is truly my fave!

Shifting to my favorite topic of all time, shoes! I wore these shoes a ton and go so many compliments! I actually met the owners behind She The Seeker and they are the absolute cutest! From the color to the mule effect and the perfect sized heal. You NEED them in your life!

Relationship book Byron and I have been reading, called The 5 Love Languages. Highly recommend you read together!

Podcast: The Girl Kind by @stephaniedawnelizabeth

Instagram Influencer: @haailsyeahh


Pray it out Journal from Bibles x Coffee. I truly feel like it was fate that I came across Jackie’s insta page when I did, because it was right at the very moment I had my calling. I LOVE everything she has to offer from her energy, to her wisdom, and preach of God’s word to her amazing and super cute goodies. This journal has been so helpful when I go to church because as I said, I have a horrible memory so having a place to jot everything down for Sunday’s sermon has been perfect!

These velvet scrunchies are seriously too cute and very very strong holding. They’re a true Amazon win!

Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins– girl you need these in yo life.

Since you’re probably still browsing Tarjay, you have to get these Ball mason jars because I found the lid that makes these travel friendly for beverages on Amazon!

Oh and again, since you’re probably still browsing through Tarjay, or just so happen to be going there today or at some point, please please pick up some Hint water. It’s so good!

Ok, shifting to beauty, ladies if you need a good… ok good is not a good enough word, a phenomenal mascara, then this one is it. This superhero mascara from IT cosmetics is the bomb.com! You get length, volume, and thick looking lashes. #yesplease.

I have never been much of a gloss girl, until now. Christine is such a wonderful boss base and I feel so lucky to be able to support her and her amazing lip brand. I have been loving her gloss in the shade Tropic Crush, it’s cruelty and paraben free, super moisturizing, not chunky at all and very long lasting! I have a discount code with her that saves you 15% at check out: _soylibree . Happy shopping!

Jewelry and shoes are my true besties! I used to buy real gold jewelry all the time but I always ended up losing it, so I shifted to buyig fake jewelry but I hated that it would tarnish or turn my fingers or neck green. Not cute. Anyway, I started with a one pair of stud earrings purchase at Kate Spade and wore them literally every day. Not once did they tarnish or turn my ear green. The rest is history. I buy several of my bangles, necklaces, and earrings at Kate Spade and love it all. If you have an outlet near you and there’s a KS, highly recommend you browse their jewelry! It will most likely be super affordable. I purchased 3 pairs of earrings and a necklace for less $100!

I was only able to finds the pearls online 😦

And, that’s a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed the IGTV videos and hopefully discovered new goodies!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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