Fall Family Bucket List.

Fall is my all time favorite season! I feel like every year I wait anxiously for this time of the year. Even though here in California we get somewhat of a fall/winter I still want us to go through these fun activities as a family. Plus, this is list is a great way to make sure you remind yourself of what you want to do. I don’t know about ya’ll, but we’re the kind of family that forgets and “doesn’t know” what to do when the weekend comes lol. At least with this handy dandy list we can just whoop it out and reference it.

  1. Decorate our door entrance. I will finally do it this year!
  2. Head up to Julian for apple pie and fun time at the lake.
  3. Bake pumpkin bread from scratch, pancakes, muffins, anything!
  4. Visit our local pumpkin patch.
  5. Carve and paint pumpkins.
  6. Have a movie marathon- gimme all the Halloween town movies! I love that Leya loves them, and yes even Byron. Even if denies it.
  7. Do the haunted trail at Balboa Park. I tell myself every year that I will have the guts to do it but I always back down at the last minute. Let’s see what happens this year.
  8. Have a fun fall backyard evening at my parents house; I think it will be fun to do small stations and bob for apples, have a mini obstacle course, make s’mores, face paint… all that good stuff! Good way to get the grandparents involved as well.
  9. Decorate the house with fall decor.
  10. Drive up to Big Bear and rent a cabin.

Definitely have to get on some of these quick! Time is literally flying by, don’t you think? Even of we don’t get to all of them, we will make the best of the ones we do. And actually by the time you read this, we would of checked off two off the list. 🙂 I hope you also got some ideas in case you’re wanting to do some fun activities. Stay tuned for the fun pics on Instagram!

At the Del Mar Pumpkin Station. Picking out our first pumpkin to carve!
Someone had so much fun at the rides!
We found the one! Carving pics coming soon!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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