My Go To Shoot Angles + Poses.

When I first starting blogging, taking pictures was the most uncomfortable part of it all. I always felt so awkward, and it literally petrified me when people would stop and stare. To this day, it still makes me nervous, but now I’ve realized that I shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of my creativity and personal growth. And neither should you! So, let them stare.😌

I literally take pictures of everything and everywhere, and I slowly began to just loosen up because… well, it’s part of the job. So now, I just go for it. Woo! Although there is the occasional time that I just wait for the people to pass before taking the shot. I think those shy moments will get easier but not go away permanently lol. For me at least.

I always get comments from friends and even family members that I seem so comfortable in my pictures, or I don’t seem camera shy even though I say I am, or the one I do love is “you look slimmer!” That’s when I literally go, “YES!” and feel like I accomplished my mission.

When I first started blogging, I always wanted to take a straight on angle. Never wanted to venture out of the norm. But then, I realized that with different clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, not all straight on shots were flattering for my body or whatever it was I wanted to emphasize/focus on. I’m not the one to edit my body, cause’ these curves are real girlfriend! But there are some ways to help yourself hide the “lonja” or little muffin top here and there. So, here are some of my favorite shoot angles:

“Shoot it up!” | This was a relatively new angle for me but I was pleasantly surprised. I really wanted to capture the words at the bottom of the socks so why not shoot it from the bottom up?! It was so fun to try this angle, it felt adventurous and outgoing but I also found it to be quite flattering.

When you decide to be a little spontaneous with it, I find it usually works. Sometimes I just throw my leg up a tad bit and it shifts the focus to that, which is a another great way to keep the little love handle out the picture.

“Angle it high.” | Such a good way to hide the little muffin top ladies! Angle it high and let the rest disappear. This is also a great angle to capture everything you’re wearing, from head to toe or beautiful scenery.

“I put my hand on hips, when I dip, you dip, we dip” | Yes, I sing it every time. 🙂 Curves are meant to be seen! Accentuating your waist adds a slimming effect and it’s one good way to make use of your hands. I don’t know about you but that’s always my biggest “dilemma” lol what do I do with the hands?!👐

“Hold on to it!” | Literally anything! And have fun with it. Coffee, a hat, your sunglasses, your face! It not only makes it fun that you’re including something but it usually means that you don’t want your viewer to miss that specific thing you’re holding. Such a good way to show off a product!

“Cross ’em.” | Something about crossing your legs that I just feel like helps slim it all down. It’s almost as if you’re hiding a piece of your body but in a non deceiving way if that makes sense lol. I love this pose!

“Be humble, sit down!” | I love a good street, curb, or anywhere you can sit your booty down kind of shot. It’s easy and effortless and it changes things up a bit.

“The shoulder.” |Simple and easy with a touch of girly. A good side angle pose to highlight accessories!

Taking pictures in a public may seem so intimidating at times, especially if your ideal destination is crowded, but it does get easier and more comfortable with time. I hope that these poses helped you be a little more prepared when you get out there. You got this girl, and let them stare.😉

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

*PS: shout out to the fiance for being the best, most patient photographer!

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