5 Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Going.

Hi Creatives! This one is for you!

I think it’s such an overrated statement that a creative, blogger, influencer, always has those juices going. At least me personally, I’m constantly at a wall. More than I’d like to admit actually. When I’d scroll on social media, I would get so caught up on how it seems effortless for other people but not for me. So I found myself constantly exploring how to get those juices flowing, and you know what? I realized I was totally overstressing it- every time!

I have been reading the bible a lot more as of late and it has opened my eyes to how simple things really can be if you stop over cluttering your mind and just pray. Literally, pray. That is definitely my first tip. I know you’re probably wondering how prayer can help, well if you’re feeling stuck-pray, if you’re feeling unmotivated- pray, if you feel that you’re lacking in any aspect- pray! It takes two seconds to say a quick prayer and I swear faith and optimism can move mountains! So, pray. lol

Anyway, aside from prayer, I put together these 5 super simple tips to get help get those juices going:

1)   Create out of the overflow of who you are. In other words, just be you. I still undergo a constant back and forth with myself where I think I’m not interesting enough but guess what? If you have one follower, you are interesting, motivating, fun, etc! So be you- always.

2)   Try new things! Don’t keep yourself in a box. Sounds simple enough but I think at times we need that reminder to explore new things. I’m guilty of always posting in the same pose, or with the same background or wearing the same color patterns. Switch it up, try something new. Whether that means a new color to wear, take a drive and do a photo shoot somewhere new. Spice it up!

3)   Allow yourself to make mistakes. Perfectionism will stifle your gift, not improve it. You’re human and that’s important to share too. Embrace how perfectly imperfect you are because that’s way more interesting and relatable.

4)   Befriend the process and give yourself grace. When I first started blogging I wanted everything to be perfect, I wanted my posts to have hundreds of likes and views and truth is, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I basically wanted to be at step 8 before even taking step 1. Everything requires a process, so be patient with yourself, work hard, be consistent and don’t stop striving! James 4:6: He gives grace generously, so you give it to yourself too.

5)   Ask God for help and invite him to give you inspiration. Just try it! Easy, simple, and He is always our biggest aid.

If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just don’t know why the juices are not flowing, I hope these helped you get back on track. I have been on that same struggle- so I hear ya. Aside from the tips, I would love for you to take away that life is made to be simple and if there’s a lot that is clouding you mind and life, it may be time to take a step back declutter. Currently undergoing that myself too. 🙂

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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