New Year, New Things.

You guys, we are so very close to the end of the decade! Wowza, isn’t that crazy?! It seems pretty mind blowing to me, as I’m sure to many but aside from that it has truly been one heck of a decade. I feel so grateful to have been able to live through the 2000’s, and learn and grow from those years.

I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you guys last night’s sermon and also share my resolution along with some fun goals I have for 2020.

Pastor Travis, stated last night that if you want the new year to be new, you have to do new things and I swear I had the biggest aha moment. Of course! That makes perfect sense, but how? Well here’s 4 tips he shared to make sure 2020 is our year:

  1. Let something go. It can be tangible or emotional, some examples he has were bitterness, resentment, busy-ness( this one hit home for me), addition, etc. Something that perhaps is weighing you down and is stopping you from being the best you can be yo yourself and others.
  2. Take something on. It could be a new project, or calling, anything that has been aching inside now is the time to go for it.
  3. Love someone better. This one is powerful and I love it. A good one to think about.
  4. Put God first. Yes yes and yes! Bringing God to the center of your life blesses everything you have.

2019 was a such a great year for growth for my blog. My main focus definitely shifted to Instagram and even though growing it is still my greatest goal, I really want to shift my focus back to my blog and growing its following.

One of the things that really robbed me from success was something that Pastor Travis mentioned, which was the idea of busy-ness. All year I kept telling myself I was too busy to focus on engagement or building relationships, or even spending time with my family. When all it really was lack of organization and structure of time. So this year with the help of my happy planner and the Cozi app, I’m cutting off the excuses and getting organized. So my theme for 2020 is TIME MANAGEMENT. It truly is my biggest struggle in my personal life.

I have 4 goals this year, my first one this year is growing my Raw As Motherhood page. My goal behind that page was to truly show appreciation, support, and understanding to all mothers out there and for them to share their walks of life on this motherhood journey, along with tangible tips that could help the first time mom or the single mom. I want to create events, gather women together, and just grow a community.

My second goal is to grow my Pintrest. I’ve never been a techy girl and I’m not too savvy with analytics, so that will be a challenge but, bring it on!

My third goal is family. I want to spend full in the moment time with my family and give them all my attention. Little miss Leya is growing so fast that I swear I’ve blinked and she just keeps getting taller and taller. I want us to do more family activities and outings just us three (Byron, Leya and I) but also smtravel more eith my parents. Time is precious and we need to take advantage.

My fourth and last goal is my relationship. We have set the date for our wedding! Which is exciting and very nerve racking because it means time is ticking, literally! But aside from that I want us to date more, spend time just the two of us without interrupted talks every 2 seconds lol. Our relationship has been through a lot and I think we deserve to enjoy it, finally.

I truly hope and wish that all of your goals and plans for 2020 come alive/true. When you work hard it shows and the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and your dreams. Another one of my favorite quotes is simple, but mighty and it is: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” You got this girlfriend!

What are some of your goals or mantra for the new year?

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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