Tee Mania

Welcome back Friday, you were missed!

Hey friends! I hope this quarantine life has been treating you all well and are in good health. I’ve been having a lot of free time to declutter – just like I’m sure we all have- and the one clothing item -besides cardigans- I have most of is definitely t-shirts. I love a good tee ya’ll. A good comfy, soft, oversized tee. Ah, there’s nothing better! Tees are also such a versatile item, they can easy be dressed up or down! So I figured I’d share some of my favorites with you, and who knows one might just peek you interest to snag for yourself.

Whateva Lola

I have never personally met Nat, the boss babe behind this super cute business but I really feel like we could be friends. ☺ I randomly stumbled upon her feed for her pom pom earrings and of course I had to have some, but then she began to drop clothing items and I went full force and snagged some tees for myself.

Her logo’s are not only super cute, but the tees have a very relaxed and comfy fit. I normally purchase a size L since her shirts are unisex.


This is one of the places where I normally shop on both the mens and women’s side. If I see a guy’s tee that doesn’t look too manly of course, I will take it. I love tie die shirts and my first ones ever were purchased here. Don’t sleep on the guys section ladies!


In to the Unknown!

Ok, it’s not called in to the unknow, it’s just that Frozen song stuck in my head for days. I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but it is next to Calozzi’s Cheeesesteaks on Pacific Beach. This tiny whole in the wall doesn’t even have an official store logo yet, but it’s seriously one of my favorite stores ever, there is such a sophisticated diversity of clothing that you can literally find anything. Several if my tee’s I used during my summer trip last year to Mexico were purchased here. They are all super inexpensive as well and great quality.

This is a true hidden gem, so you’re welcome! Byron actually stumbled upon this place when he went to go grab a philly cheesesteak without me to the place next door lol. He noticed the place next door was somewhat of a thrift store with skater apparel, and he knows how much I love a good thrift store so he sent me a picture and told me we had to come back. We went back the next day and walked out with several brand tees at half if not less of the price! #winnerwinnerchickendinner! The story behind this place is simple, they get the tees that had small defects and didn’t make the cut for the big box stores. I purchased a Guess shirt and two Obey for about $40- which will never happen at Zumies or Tilly’s! My Guess shirt had a small hole in the back by the neck area, but it was nothing a quick little sewing couldn’t fix. For that reason I got it at $7! Once the world opens back up, you have to get there!


Forever a must! This is another place you have to check out the men’s section too. I got all these cuties below there and I’m obsessed and will probably go for more soon. I love they’re all super affordable too- thank you Target! You seriousl can’t go wrong with anything at Tarjay!

This is Pam 📞

These are the places where I will most likely be snagging tees from on a regular basis, but if a new place comes up of course I will keep you all in the loop! Are you a tee lover? Where is your favorite place t look for them? Let’s chat in the comments.

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♡

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