Fall 2020 Bucket List.

The BEST season is upon us ladies and gents! I couldn’t be more excited for fall season this year because I really want to make all these activities happen. I know COVID is still a major thing so definitely going to be taking the necessary precaustions, as we all should.

Every year I let time slip away and then whine… but not this year! I’m starting early and sharing all the things! Speaking of sharing all the things… don’t walk, but RUN to Trader Joe’s! All the pumpkin and seasonal items are back! My only wish when I was there yesterday evening was that my pantry and fridge were bigger. 😦 I only snagged the pumpkin waffles and pumpkin rolls which Leya and I are very excited for!

But anyway, today we are here to chat about fall activities! Here’s my small but mighty list for fall must do’s:

  • Visit Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch– it’s quite the drive but from the pictures I see, it’s totes worth it! Looks so creative and fun! I know Leya will love it.
  • Buy seasonal candles at Bath & Body Works– I actually have never been that gal who goes crazy with the candle buying for fall season, but I’m feeling it this year so I will be making a trip. Follow me on Insta to see what I end up getting! @thewonderfulbeing
  • Porch decor- I said I would do this last year and just didn’t go as out as I envisioned so this year I am going for it!
  • Pumpkin carving– We did this last year and it was actually so much fun! We have been going to the Del Mar pumpkin patch 3 years in a row and always get pumpkins there. Plus they have a small little fair with rides that the kiddos love. Not sure if that will be the case this year but still worth checking out, their pumpkin variety is amazing!
  • Apple cobbler– Um, need I say more?! I didn’t think so. It’s fo’ sho being attempted this fall season.😆
  • ALL THE PICNICS-Fall is my favorite time to have picnic’s! I don’t know why but, maybe it’s just the crisp in the air.
  • Create an obstacle course– I don’t know how so don’t ask me lol but I had this idea since last year and didn’t end up doing it. I think I just let my anxiety take over last year, but I really want to try this year so stay tuned for this!
  • Set up a fire pit at my parent’s- Listen, I am coming for you fire pit. I know Home Depot has some so how hard can this be? I can just see us outside with blankets, having s’mores! #yass

And I think that’s a wrap! I don’t want to overwhelm myself and I think these are all very attainable. What do you guys think?

What activities do you have planned this fall? Let’s chat about it!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

*Some of my fave pictures from last year at the Del Mar Pumpkin Patch*

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6 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Bucket List.

  1. Okay, 1st of all i am living for the outfits!!
    I believe, just pumpkin carving/painting – this year has flown right by me I didn’t realize its PS season! Maybe get pregnant I don’t know, jk lol!


  2. 😱 OMG! Guadalupe your ideas are amazing! I love the fact that you have great ideas for us Moms that we can use to take our children’s to. I am totally considering that idea of going to the pumpkin patch and have the kids take photos ☺️ I’m also buying the pumpkin waffles for the kids and of course some for me lol 💕🙊


  3. Looking forward to going apple picking this fall! And yes I’m with you girl! I’m loving all the Trader Joe’s pumpkin stuff! Haha 🧡😍


  4. fall is seriously my fav season and has been since i was young! i love all these ideas and i hope to do some of these too especially buying candles, decorating, pumpkin picking (i dont like carving them ughh so much work… but also i only did that once in my life maybe i will like it now lol).
    I kinda wanna do a post like this now too lol, if i do i will tag you as the inspo for it.
    also i cant wait to do all these fun things with a baby of my own ❤


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