Unfocusing On The Numbers

Happy Monday loves! It’s that time of the week again…time to set those goals/intentions and of course crush it! I’ve had the idea of writing this post for a little while now because I have been so focused on the numbers. As much as the term “influencer” kind of erks me, sometimes I get so caught up on the idea of where I should be with my blog and as an influencer at this point in my career. I will start by saying that is the wrong hole to go down in because as you’re going down, you are filled with doubt, insecurity, and self hate. So, as the days had gone by and I kept drifting away from Instagram.

One morning, I was browsing endlessly and out of all the posts, memes and things I see while scrolling through Instagram I came across this:

Anxiety Healer is a great page to follow on IG by the way!

It literally snapped me out of my funk and I realized that it wasn’t normal for me to question my worth or value because of a fluctuating number. That it’s not ok for me to pick myself apart and think that I am not good, interesting, or pretty enough. And let me tell ya friends, that number and insights will do that to you.

if you’re not coming from my Instagram, I wanted share the screen shot below of my post so you can understand this part two a little bit better.

Here is part two to that:

Unfollows, low count likes, saves, and shares feel like a BUILDING FELL ON YOU, I but here’s four reasons why you should brush it off:

  1. An unfollow DOES NOT mean your content is bad. So shake that idea off right now. Ok, good. Many times people follow because they expect something in return which is pretty sad because if you don’t follow them back within a second they unfollow. My mother once told me when I was a little girl that everything you do and give should be because you felt it in your heart. This is the exact same. People I follow I do because I truly enjoy their content, they inspire me, motivate me, and make me feel alive. I also do my best to actually interact with those accounts because again, I LOVE their content. So if you just go following 50 accounts hoping one will follow but never engage, connect, or feel inspired by then what’s the point? Is the number really worth it?
  2. People’s interest change. We all grow and diversify ourselves, that’s just life so it’s important to keep that in mind and not take it personally.
  3. It could be that YOU changed. Which is totes OK! I remember when I started blogging, I was so focused on food, fashion, and beauty. While I still love those things my focus has shifted to more inner mind health and sharing positive and encouraging content. So it’s actually understandable if people unfollowed if they are still very much interested in seeing content from someone who is much more focused on those things.
  4. People come and people go. Just like in real life. I understand that sometimes those situations hurt and feel us leaving empty but then there’s those where we feel relief that it ended. But just like in real life, who wants to be a part of your life will make an effort to. I understand that with growth the interaction with all followers decreases and not to mention the lovely algorithm, but here’s a tip I just started doing, I started going through my followers list and going through a batch at a time and engaging and liking their posts. Plus it’s a fun way to see fresh and different content!

Instagram is a beautiful world with great benefits. We can connect with like-minded people, interact, laugh, learn and even make a living but it can get hectic and emotionally crazy from time to time. Whenever you feel like it does, do not go question your worth because I can assure you it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your beautiful self. I’ve realized that when I feel the most stressed and anxious about the app, it’s time to put it down for a day or two and just disconnect from it.

I hope this post helped kick start your Monday by uplifting you and motivating you to not sweat those numbers or insight and kick them to the curb! You got this girl and keep doing you!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe♡

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